Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Details: Nursery Plans, Scandalous Confessions, Babies’ Godparents Revealed!

Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Details: Nursery Plans, Scandalous Confessions, Babies' Godparents Revealed!

It seems as if Jennifer Aniston, after an endless amount of articles claiming her to be preggo have been printed over the years, is truly carrying twinsies! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have had their fair share of couple’s drama over the course of their relationship, but perhaps the presence of children in their future has brought them even closer together. Aniston has always been in the spotlight, even during her less active period, and I can only expect we’re going to see more of her in the coming months — as that baby bump gets bumpier!

On the newest issue of OK! Magazing, Jennifer Aniston stands front and center with a glowing smile and a hand covering her stomach, which can only mean one thing, right? Bebbayyyy! And another bebbayyy! The headline reads: “GETTING READY FOR TWINS.” The following subheaders give us lead-ins to the most talked about things in celebrity pregnancies. Birth plans! Ultimate confessions — only the juiciest, most scandalous kind! And we can’t forget the nursery plan! You can bet your bottom dollar that Jennifer Aniston’s nursery will be bumpin’ and poppin’.

The cover of the magazine also claims that they’ve discovered who the godparents of the twins will be. I haven’t read the magazine yet, but I have a feeling it’s definitely not going to be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While something that psychotic and crazy would make my life and Celeb World career, let’s just say that will never happen. Never. Ever. Never.

Other juicy gossip splattered across the cover: Inside Kim and Kanye’s mansion; Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart moving to Paris (hmmm, maybe trying to flee the paparazzi gaze?); and a story titled, “Angelina [Jolie] Tell All Documentary.” Wonder what that documentary business is all about?

How do you feel about Jennifer Aniston’s pregnancy? Are you happy for the Friends star. We’re glad she finally conceived, and with twins! How lucky. Two for the price of one! The wonders of IVF. The world best get ready for Jennifer Aniston’s twins!

Image credit to OK!