Jennifer Aniston In Therapy: Obsessive Love For Brad Pitt Driving Her Mad

Jennifer Aniston In Therapy: Obsessive Love For Brad Pitt Driving Her Mad

Jennifer Aniston still hasn’t gotten over Brad Pitt and it’s been nearly ten years since they got divorced… like seriously?! The actress who is happily engaged to Justin Theraux (allegedly) has told friends and family how much she still loves Brad and whenever she thinks of him, he tends to be “killing her softly“, Star magazine reports. The 43-year old supposedly broke up with Justin just days before their engagement because her feelings for Brad were becoming stronger and stronger, and instead of hurting Theraux, she was willing to let him go… until he proposed.

Now, Jen has put herself in a real awkward position because though she doesn’t love Justin as much as she loves Brad, she’ll probably still end up going through the wedding plans because.. let’s face it… she isn’t getting any younger and she’ll soon go through menopause and maybe never have kids! Y’all may recall reports back in ’05 claiming that Brad had left Jen for Angie due to the fact that Aniston never wanted to have children — she told him she didn’t want kids, but it looks like her mind has been changed considering that she wants t win Mr. Pitt back.

All these years later, I’m still not over Brad,” the actress tells a close friend before revealing she “turned to one-on-one therapy in a last-ditch attempt to rid herself of an obsession”. Jennifer’s feelings for Brad are becoming more noticeable and if she doesn’t stop this nonsense, Justin will soon realize what’s going on and he’ll be pissed – hopefully pissed enough to go over to Brangelina’s house and knock Brad out! We’d love to see a good one-on-one fight between these two. We already know who’d win but we will keep that a secret! Ha.

The mag continues that Jennifer is pretty crazy in that head of hers as she “still thinks about her ex on a daily basis,” and “From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept — love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it.” Now, if that’s not crazy then we don’t know what that is. All we know is that maybe Angelina Jolie should pay Jennifer a visit and knock her out some sense into her head that Brad is her man.

Jen is supposedly taking serious treatments to help her get over Mr. Pitt so that she can stop acting like a bitch and be a good fiancee to Justin. Her obsession with Brad is pretty bad and she knows it, – it’s been going on for a long time now, so hopefully therapy will be good for her.. because before you know it, when she reads the script of another crap film of hers, she’ll probably mess up the lines with ‘Brad Pitt’ in each sentence. LOLz!

“She’s gone back into one-on-one counseling — she really wants to dig the old skeletons out of her closet so she can be emotionally unburdened before she walks down the aisle with Justin. Jen realizes that it’s high time she let go of her unhealthy attachment to Brad,” adds the source. What a crazy, weird, delusional, obsessed, awkward woman.

Fun fact: Angie is way hotter than Jennifer!

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9 responses to “Jennifer Aniston In Therapy: Obsessive Love For Brad Pitt Driving Her Mad”

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  2. Angie has not or ever will be hotter than Jen AND both Brad and Angie should burn in hell after what they put Jen through.

  3. Mel says:

    @facebook-100000483966363:disqus Jennifer cheated and broke a 14 year relationship and is know for being the biggest whore in Hollywood. Jennifer is the one who has hurt people and karma has finally arrived to punish her. She is childless, desperate and had to break and buy her new fiance – whom I CAN guarantee is not going to marry her. Her movies are flops and she is soon going to be dropped by Hollywood.

    • jhunted7667 says:

      perhaps Aniston sensed that something was going on and that is why she didn’t have a child with him , it is written (let the one free from sin cast the first stone) Hollywood and the stress’es of it tend to have adverse effects on all those who are not part of the demonizing effect of it yet are in the middle of it helping promote it

  4. jhunted7667 says:

    Jennifer wishes perhaps she was still with pitt when I wish that my Lindsey would have listened to me , I’ll love my Lindsey till God erases her from my mind , when you exchange vows with someone God is watching , death is the only thing that free;s someone from vows once taken , the survivor is then free to love again , I just read a Story from the star Magazine dated Febuary 11 2013 Jennifers birthday , I think all the people at the star SUCK for being so insensitive to print a story like that on her birthay , my Birthday is the 4th of Feb and I know it would upset me if I saw a story like that on my birthday , Fame I guess gives only an Illusion of personal privacy , My Lindsey couldn’t wait to leave her form of occupation so we could have gone off together to raise a family , Alass God has seperated us because she would not learn from her past mistakes and listen to me , I write about it here because Jennifer remind’s me soo much of Lindsey , the silly childlike lighthearted fun loving Lindsey , the adult Games the Childlike Innocense mated with the mature desires , the very strict honest way she would play board games , having her ly on top of me and fall asleep and wake up with my arms and legs wrapped around her only to put her beneath me to make love to , it’s hard to exchange vows with someone and then try to forget them , I don’t think pitt cared for her otherwise he would have been faithful to her and they would still be together , I think he bewitched her used her then betrayed her , she is better off without him , I grieve over my lindsey , God I suppose will give me a Sara in her place , though he will have to erase Lindsey first , Sara means (princess) Lindsey was a princess to me , Jennifer has the blessing of wealth she can take off when ever she pleases , me I can only take off when the stress of loss becomes too great , My Lindsey will always know that she was loved as a woman , when Jennifer can only count on the Love of her fans , and possibly the love of somebody who will only give her back as much as she gives him , not alot when you consider that she has already given all her love away , I have tried to fix my own problem , it’s so close to Jennifer’s in similarity that I find it easy to talk about here , I need a vacation BAD , look at my rambling’s the Star magazine talked about the love letters , when people marry the promise not to hurt the other person , it must be hard on famous people , only being about to go out at night so not to be seen , My Lindsy was a day person , all Honest relationships are created in the light of day , those are the honest relationships , thy are the ones that last a lifetime , daytime has always been free from unclean spirits , at night when those things come out anything can happen , the famous people are plaqued by them I’m afraid , look at the witch I mean wench pitt was captured by , Aniston better off alone than with the likes of him forgive spelling please

  5. jhunted7667 says:

    perhaps I do need a rest , St J’s the place for me fresh air and plenty of space , like the little boy in the commercial MA I need it bad

  6. Rozelyn Parker says:

    I cannot believe the foolery…

  7. jhunted7667 says:

    I can’t stand facebook , I would never post anything on facebook , between Big brother and hackers , no privacy

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