Jennifer Aniston Worried Justin Theroux Using Her Fame For His Career Since He Won’t Marry Her

Jennifer Aniston Worried Justin Theroux Using Her Fame For His Career Since He Won't Marry Her 0621

With all the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lovin’ going on lately I almost forgot that the other third of that triangle is planning her own happily ever after. But is Jennifer Aniston worried her upcoming walk down the aisle will never happen?

We all know Jennifer Aniston’s wedding was bumped yet again. Both parties are saying it’s because of scheduling conflicts. Justin Theroux snagged  a role on a new HBO pilot and Jennifer picked up another movie for some reason. That woman doesn’t make great movies but lord, if she doesn’t keep trying. So now we’re hearing about a winter wedding – maybe even a Christmas one. But The Enquirer is suggesting the more Jennifer has to wait the more insecure she’s getting. She even thinks Justin may even be just using her to boost his own career. What?! No! Hollywood B-list actors would never do that!

“Justin swears up and down that he loves Jen dearly, and he’ll make her his wife, just not right now. But Jen isn’t a happy camper over taking a backseat to Justin’s career,” a source said.

Look, Justin probably is enjoying the fruits of the labor of being Mr. Aniston. He needs to strike while the iron is hot. But I don’t think he’s going to screw up that situation anytime soon. He’s got a good thing going. He had a pretty solid career before but he’s almost a household name now. Breaking America’s Sweetheart’s heart will definitely set him back a few years. And I know he likens himself to a true artist with his bushy beard, leather jackets and David Lynch street cred but he’s definitely not ducking in the alley door whenever he and Jen go out to dinner. This dude’s in it to win it. He’ll throw a ring on that finger sooner or later. Trust.


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2 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Worried Justin Theroux Using Her Fame For His Career Since He Won’t Marry Her”

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  2. tahoegeminii says:

    yes Anustain does pump out movies like a bad case of diarrhea-and of course Justin is using her to get the A-list connections going-just like Anustain did to Brad and still has her claws firmly planted-the poor man can’t do a single interview without the hag interjecting herself between the lines-if the wedding hasn’t happened already it just isn’t –Anustain was just in a frenzy about it last year because Brad made the engagement to Angie official in April-then by August she had finally pressured and emotionally blackmailed Justin enough that he had to propose or leave-since he hadn’t secured any A-list connections at that point he had to go along-one successful movie role or another good script and that boy is gone-and actually at this point he IS a household name and dumping the queen of self pity and fame drooling would only secure he is a household name for years to come