Jennifer Aniston Wedding Delayed AGAIN – Will She Ever Walk Down The Aisle?

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Delayed AGAIN - Will She Ever Walk Down The Aisle? 0611

I guess I just don’t get Jennifer Aniston. Why does she keep delaying her wedding? It’s not like she doesn’t know her work schedule months in advance. Why can’t she just pick a date and stick with it? It’s really not even that big a deal. You only need a week, really only a weekend. Have a handler plan it, show up and get married and that’s it. She and Justin Theroux always seem to find the time to vacation so a honeymoon shouldn’t be a big issue. Why does she keep making excuses?

According to the Daily Mail the Jennifer Aniston wedding has been postponed until Christmas. A source reported that the couple have shelved it because Jennifer is starting another movie and Justin just scored the role in a new HBO pilot. Now Justin thinks it might be better to just have the wedding during their annual Christmas party. Jennifer Aniston apparently has one of those so it makes sense since it means all of their friends can be there. Arguments have risen in the past over the size of the wedding. Jen wanted something big whereas Justin wanted it scaled down.

So now we’ll be holding our breaths until December. Seems like a long wait, yes? But what does it matter? I don’t think Jen is one of those “I need to be married before I get knocked up kind of gals”. That’s assuming she even wants to get knocked up. I’m not getting that feeling from her. Not everyone can be Halle Berry at 44.

Could this be a reaction to Brad Pitt? He’s having a crazy summer with Angelina’s boob announcement and World War Z. Perhaps she doesn’t want to get looped into all that? But that’s no excuse. I’m sure Brangelina will find a way to steal the spotlight at Christmas too!

What do you think the issue is? Could it just be scheduling or does Jen have cold feet?

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