Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Oscar Speech Was Huge Compliment: Saving Face Or Simply Lying?

Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Oscar Speech Was Huge Compliment: Saving Face Or Simply Lying?

At some point, you almost feel sorry for the people in Hollywood. They live with such a state of delusion that it’s a wonder they’re able to live normal lives at all. We’ve written extensively on Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s relationship – now, we know that this upsets some of you guys for some reason. A lot of commentators have bashed us for saying that their relationship is a sham, and that it’s not genuine. What a lot of people don’t understand, especially those that don’t work in the industry, is that everything in Hollywood is fake. That celebrity that you love that is hilarious and funny and smart – it’s a public image. That marriage that you think is a gem – they’re pretending. It’s not that there aren’t exceptions, but rather that there are more that follow the rule.

Now, we’ve documented their public image in the face of Ben’s Oscar speech – you know, the speech where Ben discusses how much ‘work’ their marriage is. Sure, we agree – not all marriages are perfect, and of course it IS work to make a marriage succeed. However, is there seriously ANYONE here who, after winning the biggest prize in your industry and speaking in front of millions of people, would go up on stage and in thanking one of the most important people in your life, mention that she makes you WORK. Of course, he tried to save face and it worked to some extent, because there’s clearly people who will defend him to death on the Internet.

Now, Jennifer is opening up about the speech, and she tells the Telegraph, I know Ben, I knew he meant it as the hugest, warmest compliment in the world. I think he was saying, ‘Look, what we have is really real and I value it above all and I’m in it with you and I know you are in it with me.’ That’s the way I took it.”

See: Delusion. Jennifer is incapable of admitting that what he did was a jackass move, and so she resorts to defending him. Hugest compliment in the world? Really? He just told the whole damn world that you make him work! Regardless of what he meant it as, most wives would not be okay with this. It speaks to Jennifer’s commitment that she didn’t even say one bad word about him. Meanwhile, Ben is practically incapable of giving a fully fledged compliment to his wife without adding in something negative.

Of course, Jennifer tries to defend the backlash Ben got from his speech as well, saying, “Poor guy. It’s so horrible to put yourself out there – he didn’t have to worry about it from my point of view.”

And that is exactly the problem. He didn’t think about his wife’s point of view. And shouldn’t he? When talking about their marriage in front of the world, isn’t is sacrosanct to think about your wife’s feelings?

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3 responses to “Jennifer Garner Says Ben Affleck Oscar Speech Was Huge Compliment: Saving Face Or Simply Lying?”

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  2. mimismowball says:

    You have proven yourself to be one stupid jackass.

  3. BrittanyAnnJadeGraham says:

    Where do i even begin with this “article”?

    1. How on earth can you be so sure that ‘everything’ in Hollywood is fake? God forbid a couple actually has a genuine marriage! And you have absolutely nothing to back up all of your claims, so why do you keep insisting on writing it?

    2. The more you keep writing these dumbass articles, the less people are even going to care. It’s literally becoming a joke. You’re beating a dead horse. Most people already don’t agree with your articles, but this is like the 6th article you’ve written since the Oscars criticizing their marriage-and the 2nd today. Give it a rest and find something better to do than obsess over the marriage of the Affleck’s.

    3. Why is Jennifer “delusional” for defending her husbands speech to her??? Everyone is defending him!!!! 90% of people loved his speech because it was genuine, from the heart and not phony like most other speeches dedicated to spouses. Get it through your head that not everyone looked at what he said as negative. You’re just pissed that you tried saying that she was “disgusted” in a previous article (with absolutely NOTHING to back it up, btw) and now you’re being proven wrong by Jennifer herself.

    4. Your last paragraph makes absolutely NO sense and contradicts a direct quote from Jennifer herself! She said he didn’t have to worry about it from HER point of view and then you went on to say he didn’t think about his wife’s point of view when he made his speech? WHAT???

    5. Get a life. It’s actually pretty damn pathetic the amount of articles this site publishes bashing this couple. They are one of the most normal couples in Hollywood. Nothing negative is ever in the presses about them. We don’t read about them endangering their children, getting arrested, doing drugs or anything else. We consistently see them out with their children doing NORMAL things such as school, farmers market, country mart, karate, ballet, basketball, the park, etc. We don’t see them jetting off with their children to every country every other week, we don’t see them parading their children down the red carpet or in designer clothes, they are not trying to make their children stars by getting them in modeling/acting as children, etc. They are NORMAL and doing the best they can to keep their marriage and family together. Is it easy? Probably not, but then again, it’s not easy for ANY couple with two careers and young children and you add in the fact that they are famous and living and under a microscope and it’s 10x harder. I give them props for WORKING on their marriage and ADMITTING that it’s work and not some fairytale romance! I can’t understand why you so badly want to see this marriage fail, especially since they have 3 beautiful children.