Jennifer Garner Changing Her Name To Jennifer Affleck

Jennifer Garner Changing Her Name To Jennifer Affleck

In our next episode of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s non-sham marriage [cough, cough], we bring to you the Name edition.

Garner and Affleck have been the subject of intense speculation for months now, and their response to the speculation has been photo op after photo op of the family looking loved up and happy. It’s their way of saying that the rumors are full of crap, and they’re just fine. After all, all marriage is ‘work’, is it not? And they are clearly doing their best at making it ‘work’.

Now, there’s always a fine line in celebrity marriages between using their name/family/photo ops for press/publicity/awards campaigning, but there’s a level of hypocrisy that also exists with this. You can’t complain about the paparazzi and the attention when you feel like it, and then call them the next day and ask them to come photograph you looking love-dovey with your wife.

The difference is – couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a very good understanding of this. Do you hear Brad or Angie complain about the lack of privacy or the amount of attention they get? Any time they are photographed, it’s like a mob zoo, but they understand the price of stardom and they know that they use that press to their benefit when they want to. No one plays the game like Angie and Brad.

On the other hand, you have the Affleck-Garners. Or should we say just Afflecks? Garner’s identity has been so dwarfed by her husband that it would seem like her name doesn’t mean much without Ben’s anymore. They complain about the paparazzi, but have no trouble using them as they see fit. In fact, although Ben does this more, every single time one of Jennifer’s movies have been released, there’s a swarm of happy family pictures. Really, why does she even bother using the name Jennifer Garner. It’s Jennifer Affleck that sells, and it’s probably what she’ll end up changing her name to eventually. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but she should really think about her career choices and what she’s willing to give up to stay on the A-list. Because if you measure it by the quality of her movies, not name, you’ll end up with barely B-list.  Measuring it with the amount of attention these photo ops get her, on the other hand, equals A list. You be the judge.

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  • I’m surprised she didn’t do that right away.

    • dungq

      She did it prior to her first baby being born. She registered to vote in the 2008 elections as Jennifer Affleck and has made several donations to the Democratic campaign under it. At the end of Ben’s first directorial feature, she is credited in the ‘thanks’ as Jennifer Affleck.
      This site, or person, needs to get over the hatred for this couple; spreading conjecture for the sake of being website visitors is pathetic. Whomever you are you must be really sad, lonely, and/or unhappy in your life

  • Ann Johnson

    You are so against this couple, their family, their careers and their lives together. It is sad really!! They seem happy and it is wonderful if they are. Why must you question everything they do. Your job is really a disgusting one. Encouraging and even hoping for problems for people who deserve like all the rest of us, including you, to be happy!! Leave them alone.

  • BuckyBoyd

    She legally changed her name to Jennifer Affleck in 2005 after she got married. A quick google search will tell you she only goes by Jennifer Garner professionally. You have an intense hatred for a couple you’ve never even met and make assumptions for no reason at all. I suggest intense therapy. So yet again you’ve wasted your time on another rant article that nobody agrees with, except this time it was a pointless article since you didn’t even check your facts to know that she already IS Jennifer Affleck therefore she won’t/doesn’t need to change her last name to Affleck.

  • You are one sick puppy Siyana Riley. The only way you get hits is by bashing the Afflecks. What is your deal? Oh I know. Its how you make your money. Hypocrite.

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