Rising Star Jessica Mauboy of The Sapphires – CDL Exclusive Interview

Rising Star Jessica Mauboy of The Sapphires - CDL Exclusive Interview

Before I begin discussing my conversation with the Rising Star, I like to first say that in course of our interview that I was both charmed and thrilled by Jessica Mauboy. Her enthusiasm and graciousness was what made this interview possible. And yes I’m pointing fingers at others who give nothing back [Deniro]. During the screening of the film I was naturally curious about the similarities between Jessica and Julie. So of course I had to begin my interview there.

Jessica Mauboy has recently appeared in her second feature film “The Sapphires”. One of the highest earning films in Australia to come out this year; it’s already earned a total of 14 awards as a whole with two wins for “Best Supporting Actress” going to Ms. Mauboy for her portrayal as Julie.

The Sapphires is based on the true story of an Aboriginal girl group from the same family who left Australia to sing soul music for US troops during the Vietnam war. In the movie her character is one of the four Aboriginal young women who although has the strongest voice is also confronted with the issue of leaving her child behind in Australia. Over the course of their big break, their infighting and sometimes confusing romantic entanglements threaten to break not only the group but their sisterhood as well. In Australia, between 1869 and 1969, thousands of Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their parents in order to eradicate their origins so that they may believe themselves white.

With such a high opening weekend, there have been reports that the public with Australia in particular are calling for more indigenous portrayals in the media.  How did such cultural impact affect the young Starlet?

The Cultural Impact of “The Sapphires”

The debut of the originally small budget film received the helping endorsement from Harry Weinstein whom saw the potential and took the film globally was both inspiring and encouraging to Mauboy. Her joy from the Cannes film festival, where they premiered and received a standing ovation, Nevertheless it was the debut of the film in her home country that she calls an emotional roller coaster. Her partake of the racially charged 60s setting, she considers it to be huge movement for the Aboriginal people to be similar to Civil Rights  here in the U.S. Herself being of mixed heritage due to her own mother’s indigenous roots it wasn’t difficult to understand her portrayal of Aboriginal women to be in her words “our story”.

Her Inspiration & Her Family

Although she loves Mariah Carey no one takes the place of most influential away from her mother. “A strong woman” who “will tell you were to go”, She credits her mother for making her and her sisters the women they are today. A housewife with five daughters, Jessica being the youngest, her mother succeeded to keep the household alive with music while “protecting” and “managing” her children.

Still it wasn’t only her mother that tuned the family to music. Her family as whole was conductive to her journey. Growing up singing with her sisters in Church thanks to her paternal grandmother, the Sunday School teacher, was where her love of music started. Of course with such strong musical influences in her family the conversation then turned to whether if they were any plans to start her own family/group.

How Her Dating Life Has Been Going

Jessica has been in a long term and occasionally long distance relationship with a man from back home these last 5 years. There has and will be moments when she’s needed in LA, especially now with her new album, but he’s not afraid to make the almost 30 hour round-trip visit. The relationship is stable (sorry gentlemen) but don’t expect to hear her talk about the patter of little feet. For now the 23 yr old is focusing on her career and leaving those maternal urges to be satisfied by her nieces and nephews.

Meeting Ricky Martin

 If your wandering about the rumor about Ricky Martin picking her personally as a mentor for Australia’s “The Voice”, it’s all true. The man himself told her that he saw her performance in “The Sapphires” and wanted her to mentor from them. As these thing all begin his people got in touch with her people first and the details were ironed out. Despite the opening mechanicals of it, her first meeting of the “Living La Vida Loca” singer was anything but ordinary.

The first day they were about to film, Jessica was on her golf cart buggy when out of nowhere who comes charging up ready to have buggies race but none other than Ricky Martin. They raced to the set, afterwards Ricky asked for a hug. He was the one to tell her that he saw her movie on the plane and that’s why he chose her. “A beautiful soul” who was always smiling, Ricky made quite a dramatic entrance in her life and we all hope he continues being an influence for Jessica. For now she just says it lovely working with him.

On Her Mentoring for the Australian “The Voice”

Her mentorship on “The Voice” will cover some similar ground for her. She was once a contestant on the Australian Idol in 2006. She referred to it as being really connected to her show now because of that experience and can’t wait to guide the contestants. When questioned if she’ll be hard on them, she replied that not really but she will push them vocally and physically. As of yet, they’re just having fun. By the admiration in her voice when talking about the protégés, I don’t see any repeat of the criticism that once channeled at her. I don’t see her commenting on the contestants’ weight just for camera time.

That’s all the time we had today and taking in her stability and support both at home and in her career I don’t see this starlet fading anytime soon.  You can catch her newest flick currently in theaters and wait for third album set to release later this year. Don’t bother to try and go to her website the page crashed. Just ask Will & Kate, a page crash is always a good thing.

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