Jessica Simpson’s Dramatic Delivery – Last Minute C-Section Decision

Jessica Simpson's Dramatic Delivery - Last Minute C-Section Decision

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is featured front and center on the cover of the latest issue of OK! magazine. On the cover of the tabloid, they apparently have some breaking news. Did Jessica decide to give birth early?!?

According to the magazine, Jessica is “wracked with fear and anguish – terrified that she’ll lose the baby boy she was due to deliver by cesarean section” on August 3rd. With Eric’s support, the tabloid claims that Jess has “made a last-minute decision to have the C-section two or three weeks ahead of schedule, convinced that the dramatic measure will save his life.”

Reportedly, she has already booked the Cedars-Sinai birthing suite because Jessica is “very intuitive and she’s convinced that her baby needs to come sooner.”

It sounds like they put a lot of fluff on the cover in order to get readers to buy the magazine. Let’s hope that Jessica and Eric’s son isn’t in any distress and that she really didn’t have to move up the date of her C-section. Stay tuned for any details on this story as they are made available.

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3 responses to “Jessica Simpson’s Dramatic Delivery – Last Minute C-Section Decision”

  1. drdebo says:

    there is no way her due date is August- that would put her at beginning of third trimester- like Kim Kash-in.

  2. lvb says:

    Don’t they always lol!

  3. lvb says:

    She should sick her lawyers on this magazine for printing such false info. Really, claiming that her child is in some sort of danger, is just the lowest. Her pregnancy has been a cake walk, compared to Kim K’s. Kim’s always in pain, it seems. While Jessica is keeping a regular work-out schedule, throwing a party for Maxwell’s first Birthday, and a shower for her friend Cacee.
    Oh Yeah, she really seems like she’s struggling. She should take them to court, and let the court see how easily she has been sailing through her pregnancy. She would win that case with no problem lol!