Jill Farren Phelps: Angel of Death to Soaps – Will She Kill The Young and the Restless Next? CDL Exclusive

Jill Farren Phelps: Angel of Death to Soaps - Will She Kill The Young and the Restless Next?

Is there any woman more hated amongst soap fans than Jill Farren Phelps? I think we would all agree that the answer to that is a very loud no. The legendary executive producer has helmed a record breaking 6 daytime shows and the majority of them are no longer on the air? Is it a coincidence? Not so much. It’s not that Phelps’ story telling is bad- in fact I’d say just the opposite. She is known for crazy twists and really pushing the envelope as far as daytime is concerned.

Way back in the late 80’s when Phelps was producing Santa Barbara she decided to have the shows heroine, Eden Capwell endure a brutal rape, by her gynecologist. Years later when Phelps had moved on to Another World she killed off a beloved character by the name of Frankie Frame Winthrop in what still is considered the most gruesome murder scene to play out on daytime television. When she dared to split up an old school “super couple” on One Life to Live the actress actually begged to be killed off rather than have her character morph into someone that the audiences would never believe in.

Jill Farren Phelps: Angel of Death to Soaps - Will She Kill The Young and the Restless Next?

Jill has left a trail of wreckage from Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, and Another World to the only show still standing after she was fired- General Hospital. Her work has garnered Emmy’s and rave reviews but those ratings still always plummet with her in control. Why is that? Because Jill has a method that ultimately fails every time. She fires fan favorites, totally disregards the years of character history that already exists and then brings in her favorite people to add to the shows canvas. It never, ever works. Shows don’t get canceled on her watch. She ends up out of a job and the new producer is left to try and save the ship that is already sitting near the bottom of the daytime sea, because the fans abandoned it and got hooked on something else instead.

Phelps took over at The Young and the Restless in the last year and for the first time in over a decade, it is not in first place in the ratings! Phelps has also fired favorite cast members and brought in people like Steve Burton whom she has a friendship with. It’s the same old thing, but why? I’m starting to wonder if the formula is more purposeful then we have realized. Could it be that Phelps is actually brought in to systematically kill the few remaining shows in the dying breed? I mean she has already alienated hard core Y&R fans and that seems to be the thing. Once you turn the audience away then the numbers fall and inevitably you’re looking at another daytime show getting the ax. Could it be that CBS is ready to see Y&R wind down for real? They know that Phelps will garner some awards and break new ground, all while putting the nails in another daytime coffin!

We know she’s like the angel of death, but could it be network dictated? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  3. Rhonda Bateman says:

    I stopped watching when I read that Michael Muhney had been told that his services were no longer required at Y&R. I suffered through Michelle Staffords loss; then Billy Miller and now Michael. I just have no reason to keep watching and that’s sad since I have been a viewer since day one. I don’t like all the new actors. Steve Burton’s character bores me to tears. I detest the smug, judgmental Winters and the bloom is now off the rose. Bye.

  4. Michelle says:

    I agree that JFP is a soap-killer, but instead of abandoning the show, you need to be even MORE dedicated. Show Sony and Jill that nothing will work! We will ALWAYS watch our beloved show!

    • kristin0414 says:

      Yeah no. Its not beloved. Its lame old and dried up. The ghosts and lose of key cast members are show killers. I’m not watching w/o Adam. Phyllis is gone. Billy will be gone. And the numerous cast members that have been replaced is horrible. You watch michelle. The rest of us are done.

    • Nona says:

      Uh… Is that you, Michelle Stafford? We love & miss you, but no, they’ve done ruined the show. Good luck in your future, but don’t jump back on this Titanic.

  5. kristin0414 says:

    She is the one that needs to go! With her resume and history I’m surprised she was hired! She seems sadistic! Fire her Mr Bell or say goodbye to your beloved soap. Y&R will be a memory like all the others. Bring back Muhney and black list Phelps!

  6. Lgrann says:

    Why is she still with Y & R? What’s the hold up? Just fire her. Is everyone above her afraid of her? With all my reading, she seems to be the “it” that is ruining IT. Fire her!

  7. Diane Webster says:

    How many times does Billy Miller said it was HIS CHOICE to leave Y&R not JFP. If he wanted to stay he could have accepted the contract conditions but he again chose not to. I understand why he wants more on his resume than soaps. He is a good actor and his day of real movie fame will come for him.

  8. Caroline says:

    Sharon destroyed… Adam fired over ‘allegations’. Summer is useless and should be fired.. How about innocent until proven guilty? Lol she s assuming he s guilty lol but what if she s lying? No matter what the truth is… He s paying. She destroying or getting rid of the best one…I had to stop watching after 15 years of loyalty….. There such potential with great actors to develop but no, let s get rid of the best and pissed off all the fans…..

  9. Rob says:

    Can someone else…ANYBODY else do a better job then this nit wit! !!SHE IS RUINING Y&R! ! She should do US a favor & FIRE HER DAMN SELF!

  10. CHERRY says:

    It seems like this idiot JILL FARREN PHELPS should be the one to get fired!! CBS….WAKE UP!

  11. So. Il y&r junkie says:

    I can’t believe this crazy lady!!!! I feel like she is totally taking away the best parts of the show!!! The only person that needs to get the “ax” is her!!!

  12. my says:

    Well, she is going a good job then, ruined it……

  13. Nona says:

    Yes! Then I did not dream that up, that the storyline originally had Nikki’s adopted baby going to the Rayburn family! Which would have made Stitch her son. What kind of dipstick writer thinks no more than a couple weeks ahead, for their plot line, pull a switch like that and expect fans not to notice? I stopped watching Y&R after 30 years. Now I’ll boycott CBS as well. Oh wait, there’s not much on there worth watching anyway. I hope CBS goes bankrupt and all because they ruined Y&R and lost all their viewers.

    • Philip Chase says:

      Nona’s right, it clearly was intended for Stitch to be Nikki’s missing son – until with little or no notice JFP had her writers change and make Dylan the son. Sad move. Now poor Stitch whom everybody liked is branded as an evil home wrecker and wife stealer. JFP, you must be related to Brian Fronz! LOL – Stop sucking up to your pet, Steve Burton, and get back to creating a decent soap opera. Or begone from daytime TV forever!

  14. Weezy says:

    Fire Jill

  15. Loyal Fan says:

    I have watched Y&R since it came on the air. What is happening to the show !!!!? You need to bring back Billy and Adam now. And start having believable story lines.

  16. Stacy Sherrill-Ellis says:

    Did Phillips actor get the ax/fired

  17. Jill says:

    She must be VERY good on her knees to keep getting power positions……

  18. Teresa says:

    Get rid of her and bring Billy and Michael back. Y & R was just fine before she entered the pic. First Michelle is gone, and they replace her with someone, who can’t be called “Red” by Jack. Now Billy and Michael are gone and the chemistry is gone. The witch is def. a soap killer.

  19. Berentha Duval says:

    I really hate what Jill has done with the casting in Y&R and and every other soap she’s associated with past or present. I’m wondering if her goal is to make surer the fans lose interest and daytime soaps are cancelled altogether. Certainly, she is not interested in increasing popularity with firing actors who made the show successful. The actor who replaced Billy Miller is absolutely horrible and unbelievable in the role of Billy Abbott.

  20. Berentha Duval says:

    Please Please Please FIRE Jill Faren Phelps,