Jodi Arias Lawyer Demands No Death Penalty – Judge Refuses

Jodi Arias Lawyer Demands No Death Penalty – Judge Refuses

Well, you can’t blame defense attorney’s Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott for trying to save Jodi Arias’ life. They couldn’t keep her from being convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander so the next step was to try and keep her alive. After Jodi’s May 8th conviction that defense team filed a motion to get the Death Penalty taken off the table for the sentencing portion of Jodi’s trial. The judge in the case listened to what they had to say and prosecutor Juan Martinez was also present in the private court session. Ultimately, the motion to remove the death penalty was denied and so Jodi is indeed now fighting to save her life.

Later today the original 12 jury members will return to court to begin the penalty phase of this case. One of the first witnesses expected to return to the stand will be Dr. Kevin Horn, a medical examiner. If he can convince the jury that Travis died an especially cruel and violent death using forensic proof then that will be grounds for the death penalty to be deemed a possible punishment.

By now we all know that Travis was stabbed nearly 30 times, was almost decapitated by his slit throat and then after all of that, he was shot in the head. If this isn’t a clear case of cruel overkill then I’m not sure what would classify. Last week Jodi spoke to the press after her conviction saying that she hoped to be put to death. I’m not buying it. A person that hopes for death doesn’t land themselves in a psych ward after the conviction and then have their legal team fight for their life. It was just more babble from the chronic liar. Jodi probably figures people will give her the opposite of what she claims to want and clearly this girl is afraid to die.

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  • thebutcher

    She needs to DIE. she’s the poster girl for overkill. She should be killed the same way that she killed. 30 stabs, slit throat, and shot. But it should be done VERY slowly so she experiences pain for a long time. Eye for an eye bitch