Joe Giudice Admits to Drunk Driving – Faces Arrest For DUI?

Joe Giudice Admits to Drunk Driving - Faces Arrest For DUI?

I think most people tuned in to Watch What Happens Live last night to see if Teresa and Joe Giudice would answer questions surrounding their 39 count fraud-related indictment and instead they got a different kind of revelation. My guess is that the Giudices’ handlers were so focused on how the couple should (or should not is more like it) tackle the legal questions that they kind of forgot Joe’s already checkered past. Andy Cohen knows the couple and their history and really knew what questions to hit on so that he scored some serious dirt here.

As Joe declared his innocence Andy mentioned his other brushes with the law and how Joe already was looking at prison time for fraud even before this indictment. He also mentioned Joe’s DUI a few years ago and Juicy jumped all over that, jamming both feet in his mouth. Joe laughed about it saying of all the time’s that he could have been popped for a DUI, this incident was the one time he was actually sober. Andy fleshed that out a bit, clarifying that there were other instances where Joe, if he had been pulled over would have gotten a DUI and Joe agreed.

Ooops. Nothing like laughing in front of millions of people to try and lesson the drama and then handing them a grenade. This shady businessman and lousy father of four admittedly is also a drunk driver. My guess is that the Giudices’ neighbors are probably glad for the heads up, right?

This is just one more moment in Joe’s life where he admits to not just bad behavior, but ultimately breaking a law and could care less about the possible repercussions! I’m amazed that this idiot hasn’t already landed himself in a small Jersey cell, aren’t you? Tell us in the comments below!

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