Joe Jonas Definitely Gay – The Jonas Brothers Discuss Gay Rumors

Joe Jonas Definitely Gay - The Jonas Brothers Discuss Gay Rumors

The Jonas Brothers appear in a new issue of Out Magazine, and although they’ve always fielded questions about their sexuality, they seem more open to maybe-possibly admitting that they don’t mind being called gay.

The sexuality of all three of the brothers has been under debate for almost half a decade, as is the case with most boybands. You can’t go two weeks without someone mentioning Harry Styles being gay – the difference is, in Harry’s case, we know he doesn’t mind the rumors. And with the Jonas Brothers, even if they pretend as if they’re alright with it, you get the feeling that they wished the rumors didn’t exist at all.

Although we can’t say for sure, Kevin Jonas is  married and so probably not gay [although that is not definitive by any means]. Then, you have Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas. Now, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas have both dated many celebrities and teen starlets, but most of the major rumors seemed to circulate around Joe Jonas. When asked about the rumors, Joe replied, “We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans. It’s a boy band stereotype; people assume, but we don’t take offense.”

Basically, he’s saying that people are assuming he’s gay because he’s in a boy band. Uh, no. I think people are assuming he’s gay because his ex-girlfriend pretty much admitted to it. Either way, I have a feeling that Joe – if he is gay – will never, ever come out, at least not in the coming years. He seems to think that it will affect his image, not realizing that in today’s day and age, not many people care anymore.

What do you guys think? Will Joe Jonas be the Lance Bass of this decade of boy bands? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet