Justified RECAP 01/29/13: Season 4 Episode 4 “This Bird Has Flown”

Justified RECAP 01/29/13: Season 4 Episode 4 “This Bird Has Flown”

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns tonight with a whole new episode called “This Bird Has Flown.” On tonight’s show Boyd and Ava face a decision that threatens to destroy them. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Drew Thompson’s widow turned up and got Raylan in hot water with the FBI, while Boyd’s strike at the snake church was met with a surprising strike back.   The episode was written by Benjamin Cavell; directed by Jon Avnet.

On tonight’s show Raylan’s hunt for his stolen money leads to a confrontation with a bareknuckle brawler, while Boyd and Ava face a decision that threatens to destroy them.

Meanwhile the numbers are in for the forth season premiere episode of Justified and it was the most watched episode in the series history.  The show is excellent and I hope that means Raylan and the gang will be sticking around for a while.

Tonight’s Season 4 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified premiering tonight?

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Rachel tells Raylan she should have seen it coming – by it she means Lindsey stealing all of his secret money. Apparently everyone knew he had the stash. Raylan says Randall could have taken her away by force. Rachel asks if she leaves stuff there and he admits she just has a little purse – that’s gone. Raylan’s not ready to admit he was scammed by her – he said he thought she liked him. Rachel wants to know where they may have headed with his money.

Randall and Lindsey are out Hoppas house – the guy who holds the backyard brawls. There’s a major party going on and she wants to know if he always lets people tear up his house. He asks her if she’s looking for a job cleaning up and doing whatnot. They’ve brought Raylan’s money to him – Randall’s looking into financing a wrecking crew.

Hoppas wants to know who they stole the money from and he says not to worry about it. He makes a joke about Randall’s sexual prowess and things get heated. Hoppas has to make a call about the meeting Randall wants. Lindsey tells him to put their $20,000 to work. That’s a lot of loot – Raylan cannot be happy about that.

And can I just say how much I dig Justified’s theme song Long Hard Time to Come? Gangstagrass is my new obsession!
Johnny and Boyd are drinking at the bar when Ellen May straggles in asking for Ava. She tells Boyd she has no place to go and Boyd says she sacrificed her home with him. She’s traumatized by Preacher Billy’s gruesome death. He tells her that it was the choices Billy made that led to his death. Ava asks EM if she wants to work for her and she says she’ll take any guys that no one else wants – work her way up from the bottom. She begs to come home.

Boyd and Ava have an offside confab and they muse over whether she’s got an ulterior motive. Boyd thinks she just needs a place to live. Ava’s worried about the secrets EM knows about them and has no idea what’s in her head. She starts to unravel and Boyd says to slow her roll. Boyd wants to find out if EM has told anyone anything. Boyd sends Colton to bring in Billy’s sister Cassie.

Raylan and Rachel roll up on the party dregs at Hoppas looking for Randall. They want to talk to Hoppas and a drunk girl tells Rachel she won’t talk to her because she doesn’t like blacks or cops. The girl offers to wrestle Raylan for access to Hoppas. She says she’s joking and takes them back.

Raylan finds Joe Hoppas banging a couple of broads who isn’t happy to see them. He tells Raylan that Randall and Lindsey bounced. Rachel wants to know where they went and he asks for a warrant. Raylan threatens to bring the weight of the law down on him and Joe reaches for a phone to call his lawyer, but Raylan grabs him by the scruff and straightens him out.

He tells Hoppas they’re scam artists and that he can help them. Hoppas tells the girls to leave and tells Raylan that anybody that didn’t see grafter Barbie coming deserved to be ripped off. Raylan tell him he knows that Randall wants to manage fighters and asks him to tell him what’s up. Raylan’s got a couple of hours to get to Versailles Kentucky to stop the deal.

At a convenience store, Lindsey is distracting the counter help while Randall lifts some booze. She distracts him again while he leaves the store with the goods. Randall tells her all he’s ever wanted to do is manage fighters – he means chickens – and that they’re going to turn that money into a whole pile. Lindsey climbs over on Randall and starts making nice with him – real nice. Randall asks her if she liked talking dirty to the counter help while he stole from the store. She tells him to keep his eyes on the prize. He can’t be dissuaded though – I think he’s going back to beat up the poor dork from the store.

The Sheriff is meeting up with Cassie who accuses Boyd of killing her brother. He tells her no crime was done but she should be warned. He said Boyd is unfettered by a conscience. He tells her that if anyone has confessed anything to her, her life could be in danger. The Sheriff asks her to tell him some of the dirt so that he can move on Boyd and address him. She tells him he’s a drug pusher and a pimp and he says to tell him something he didn’t know. The Sheriff wishes her the best and she shoves off.

Boyd was listening on the speaker and says he’s heard enough. Ava feels better but tells Boyd that even when EM was loyal, she’s wild. Boyd says there may be another way – he reminds her about his one-legged cousin Lonnie from Alabama that runs a no-tell motel with HBO but no ice. He thinks he may take her in and could put her to work in a non-whoring job.

At the convenience store, Randall squeals up in the car and starts pulverizing the poor clerk. Lindsey takes the moment to make a quick call – probably to Raylan – but she’s cut off. Randall asks what she’s doing and she says she was calling 911 for the clerk. They take off.

At the fighting chicken ranch, the breeder Gaines is showing them his killer crop of feral fowl. He tells them he’s never met Randall – tells them that Hoppas acts as the go between. They take off and head to the convenience store to talk to the battered clerk. He tells Raylan the blonde girl set him up to take a beating and Raylan sympathizes.

Ava tells EM that she’s got to go to Alabama – she tells her it’s her way out of the life. EM says she grew up there and thought she’d settle there, meet a nice boy and maybe have a baby. Ava tells her she’s got a clean slate and gets to start over, but she’s hesitant. Ava gives her an envelope with $1,000 and tells her to make a fresh start and make something of herself. EM says she feels like she’s being sent off and she doesn’t know why. Ava tells her the next time she gives a blow job, it should be because she wants to and that won’t happen there. She tells her to pack and that Colton will give her a ride to the bus station.

Raylan is headed out to a horse farm where the clerk thinks they may have been going to take some pictures of horses. He sends Rachel off to work, but she hands him a really cool shotgun to “level the playing field.” They’re both off book and he tells her if they both miss work, Art’s going to have a coronary.

[11:01:34 PM] Rachel Rowan: Raylan is headed to the farm and rolls up on Randall and Lindsey. Randall asks her what the hell. He parks blocking the little bridge on the way out and Raylan gets out with the shotgun. Randall is surprised he came alone and tells Raylan that for the record he’s unarmed. Raylan tells him there is no record. Randall wants to know how he found him and Raylan says she called him – he also tells him he did a number on the clerk. Randall says imagine what he’s going to do to him since he slept with his wife.

Raylan shoots Randall in the stomach and he goes down. They were bean bag rounds and he’s on the ground suffering. Raylan confronts Lindsey and doesn’t want to know why – he just wants his money. Then Randall is up and they proceed to beat the crap out of each other. But then Lindsey has the bean bag gun and shoots both of them once and then Randall several more times before she bashes him in the head with the rifle, knocking him out. Lindsey tells Raylan that all of his money is in the van. He smiles, though in pain, and says “I knew you liked me.”

Raylan cuffs Randall as he asks him how many times Lindsey shot him. He tells him that he shot him a few more times than he was shot. He cuffs him to the back of his van and tells him that he’s going to call the law on him for his outstanding Florida warrant for skipping probation. Raylan opens the van doors and sees his money is indeed there, but it’s been converted to fighting fowl – there’s $20,000 worth of birds there.

Randall tells him it’s been his lifelong dream and it just got ahold of him. Raylan says if he mentions chickens again, he’s going to shoot him. Randall says despite it all that Lindsey is worth it and Raylan agrees. Raylan goes to walk away and leave him cuffed to the van when Randall tells him there’s good money to be made fighting chickens – so Raylan shoots him again! OMG – too funny. Down he goes hollering from another bean bag shell and Raylan takes his leave.

At the bar, EM tells Ava that she knows why she’s sending her away – she tells her she would never tell anyone about her killing Delroy. Ava tells her she knows and it’s alright. Ava tells her she trusts her and to go on – that Colton is waiting to give her a ride. I don’t think EM’s going to make it to Alabama.

Raylan calls Rachel and tells her about the chickens. He’s reconciled to the fact that the universe didn’t want him to have the money. He heads back home after a long day and crawls into bed and collapses.

In the car, Colton gets a call – he asks the person if they’re sure and then consents to whatever they’re asking. I know what that’s about. EM wants to know who it was and he tells her Ava. He says that she said that if she’s willing to really work, she can come back. EM readily agrees and says I bet it’s because of what I told her. Colton says “probably.” EM says it feels good going home. Colton is tearing up – sad about what he’s got to do.

Boyd tells Ava that it will be quick and she’ll never know – she’ll be here one minute and gone the next. Ava’s got tears in her eyes too. Colton stops at the gas station and tells her to pump the gas while he takes a leak. He heads into the men’s and readies his gun. You can tell he’s sick about it. He takes out some heroin and snorts a bump and tries to get right with what he’s got to do. But then he sees that EM took off. He doesn’t see her anywhere and says “Shit – Ellen May…” Wow – that’s the smartest thing that girl has ever done – if she really took off. If – if – if. I hope so – poor stupid thing!