Justified Season 4 Episode 3 “Truth and Consequences” Recap 01/22/13

Justified Season 4 Episode 3 “Truth and Consequences” Recap 01/22/13

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns tonight with a whole new episode called “Truth and Consequences” On tonight’s show Drew Thompson’s widow turns up and gets Raylan in hot water with the FBI. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show as Raylan tangled with a dangerous family keeping a dark secret, Boyd took on a snake-handling preacher.  Wynn Duffy resurfaced in a darkly amusing scene involving one of his stooges and Raylan holding a gun

On tonight’s show Drew Thompson’s widow turns up and gets Raylan in hot water with the FBI, while Boyd’s strike at the snake church is met with a surprising strike back. Written by Benjamin Cavell; directed by Jon Avnet.

This week executive producer Graham Yost revealed to TV Guide that this season, “Raylan’s complex relationship with Boyd will undergo a shift from occasionally amiable antagonism to something resembling predator and prey.”  Timothy Olyphant went on to say, “You don’t want to just keep doing the same scene over and over again just ’cause it works.  There would come a point, probably sooner than you realize, where you would go, ‘This is boring.'”  To read more of the interview go HERE!

Tonight’s Season 4 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified premiering tonight?

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Back at the revival tent, Boyd comes to chat with Billy’s unsmiling sister Cassie. He catches her sneaking out of her brother’s room. She says she sings hymns over him until he sleeps. Boyd tells her he knows she’s the schemer while her brother is the true believer. He tosses a bag of money at her feet. She calls it 30 pieces of silver like Judas got for betraying Jesus.

Cassie tells him he’s misjudged her – that she doesn’t tell her brother how to spread the word. Boyd says she can tell him where to preach and she agrees. She tells him if he wants rid of them, he needs to build Billy a church for them to go to. He takes his bag of money and leaves, threatening on the way out.

Lindsey comes to find Raylan and tells him she and Randall are divorced. She tells him he’s been locked up, but she helped him steal. She said she would figure out what a man had to steal and then Randall would steal it. She says it fell apart when Randall decided he didn’t like their marks touching her and beat one of the guys they were scamming half to death.

Raylan isn’t pleased. Lindsey said she thought confessing would make him trust her. He asks how bad she was and she said she was pretty bad. But she says it in her undies and he’s looking more lenient. She tells him she’ll tell Randall what’s what and he won’t be a problem. She goes to work on Raylan and he forgets her ex – for now.

Boyd finds Colton and tells him the carrot didn’t work and that he needs to apply the stick to the good Baptists. Colton and a crony head into the tent and dead meat gets bit by the preacher’s snakes. Colton tries shooting them but it’s no good. One bites dead meat in the face and he’s down for the count.

Colton comes raising into Boyd’s bar carrying dead meat with a snake still attached to his face. He’s twitching and freaking out – near death. They send Colton out to the free clinic a town over to find a doctor to help out.

At the gym, Raylan finds Randall in the locker room. Raylan asks if he’s living out of his car and where Randall did his time. He tells him he grew up near the Glades. Randall tells him he’s too out of it for cage fighting because he doesn’t know any Asian martial arts. Raylan reveals Lindsey told him about their scamming days.

Randall tells him he paid his debt and hers as well. Raylan also specifies that he’s sleeping with his ex and Randall gets twitchy. Raylan tells him he needs to leave town and get back to Florida – his probation specifies he can’t leave the state. Randall tells him how bad he beat the last guy who was banging his old lady. Seems he would rather give Raylan a beating rather than leave town.

Rachel’s in Art’s office and in trouble for not calling for back up in a recent scary sitch. Apparently she locked herself in the ladies in a diner where there was a dangerous suspect. She leaves and Art tells them he found Drew Thompson’s widow. She got married six months after he died.

Art tells Raylan to head down and see the good widow and how she reacts to the news about her dead hubby. Art tells Raylan he may get a marshal stiffie over this case as well.

Duffy and Johnny are having a chat about Duffy not wanting a partner. Johnny tells him he needs a partner he can trust – he says he’s there behind Boyd’s back who would kill him if he knew. He reminds them Devil (the guy who got his arm chopped off last season) was also expecting Johnny to help him take over Boyd’s territory. Johnny tells him it was Boyd that crippled him and he’s not going to let him have everything. Duffy tells Johnny he wants to believe him. Johnny offers to serve up Boyd – says he’ll help Duffy kill Boyd.

Dead meat is crying and whimpering and the doctor’s there – they have him bite down on a belt while they yank the snake off his face. Damn!

Raylan and Tim come to see the widow Thompson – who is a psychic. She tells them not to tell her anything – it will cloud her reading. They tell her they are there about her husband – she tells them to go ask the whore he’s been seeing. They tell her it’s the other husband they’re interested in – and she tells them Drew didn’t die in the parachuting incident. Raylan asks if she knows if he’s alive – he tells her bad people are looking for him and they may come see her.

Eve says he’s doing something later that he shouldn’t be. She said he’s meeting a weight lifter or a fighter. Raylan is stunned. Tim wants to know when and why he’s meeting him. Tim’s watching out the window and sees a car that circled and stopped. Raylan sends her to an interior room without windows. The guy is in a suit and heads to the door. Raylan draws down and tells him to think about what he’s doing. He tells them he’s FBI and shows his credentials.

Meanwhile Eve climbs out the bathroom window and is knocked out cold and carried off over someone’s shoulder. Back at the marshal’s office, Art tells Tim and Raylan – way to go assholes. He said they can’t do anything without him. Tim tells him it wasn’t their fault – she’s psychic. The Fed is there and hands Art the phone – his boss chews him out.

The Fed – Barnes – mocks them for losing track of her and says the widow Thompson is now an FBI problem. Raylan theorizes that she didn’t run, that she was taken because she left the car. Barnes heads out and makes a call – he’s chatting with the guy who stole the widow. The thug tells the Fed his family will die of they don’t lay off the Thompson issue.

The thug has the widow tied up in a hotel room and hits her. He tells her he’s going to take off her gag and if she screams, he’s going to cut out her tongue. He interrogates her about Drew – wants to know where he is. Eve says until an hour ago she thought he was dead. He slams her to the floor and tells her he’s going to piss on the gag before he puts it back in her mouth. She asks how she knows he won’t kill her if she tells. He tells her to focus not on when she’s going to die, but how long it’s going to take him to kill her.

Johnny comes into the bar and Boyd wants to know where he’s been. Johnny cops an attitude. The doc wants to take dead meat to the hospital, but Boyd doesn’t want him to. He said he thought the snake bites were getting better. The doc assures him it’s a miracle with that many bites that he’s not dead yet.

Raylan comes to the gym to find Randall but he’s packed up and gone. He finds Barnes outside the gym – looks like he was tailing Raylan. The marshal realizes Barnes is in on Eve’s kidnapping. Raylan wants to know where Eve is – Barnes tells him and then shoots himself. Damn – those guys chasing Thompson must be bad news if Barnes preferred to cap himself than face them!

Back at the hotel, thug guy drags Eve out of the closet, bag on her head and throws her on the bed. Apparently she gave him a bad address for Drew and he’s not happy. He tells her he doesn’t care what she does or doesn’t know – he’s going to hurt her for fun now. He tells her she can’t change or stop what’s about to happen to her.

Then marshals kick the door in and comes in guns drawn just as he’s about to hurt Eve bad. Art tells Eve that the thug who had her is Mason who worked for Theo Tonan. Art wants to know how Theo knows her. Art tells her they’re going to send her home and if they feel she’s cooperating, they’ll leave someone there to protect her. If she’s not cooperating, they won’t.

She tells them she found Drew in the yard burning their family photos. Eve said he told her that someone was going to come tell her he was dead and she should pretend it was so. He told her that not knowing where he was would keep her safe. Art isn’t buying that she doesn’t know more. Eve finally reveals what Drew saw – he saw Theo murder a government employee.

Raylan admits he finally has a marshal stiffie. He wants to know how Eve knew which gym he was meeting Randall and she insists she has a gift. Art promises six marshals to keep her safe.

At the tent, Billy tells the crows that his serpents cast out the devils that came to the tent the night before. Speak of the devil and he appears – suddenly Boyd is there. He tells the crowd that it was Boyd’s assassins the snakes sent away. Billy asks if he’s trying to give his donation again to run him out of town. Boyd tells the crowd he’s got a genuine rattler out of the Cumberland River and his sister won’t have had a chance to milk the venom out of the snake. Boyd tells him to grab up the rattler and show them the Lord protects him.

Cassie says they only handle snakes when the Lord moves them. He kicks the box closer to Billy. The preacher rolls up his sleeves and promises a demonstration. Boyd tells Cassie that she has to tell him – it’s her last chance. Cassie stops Billy from taking out the snake – whoopsy – he didn’t know his sis was milking the snakes so he wouldn’t be poisoned.

Boyd tells Billy how she did it. Cassie tells Billy he doesn’t know how bad it can be – that he didn’t listen to their Daddy die like she did – how he screamed from the venom. Boyd tells the crowd that they can see him for what he is. Billy insists that he’ll handle the snake. Boyd warns him to leave it alone – his hubris will hurt him. Billy tells him to put the box down.

Boyd really tries to talk him out of it – to my amazement and his credit. Billy takes the snake in his hands as the congregation prays. He lefts it high. It rattles and they all yell praise Jesus. For a minute it looks good and then it strikes him. The venom starts to act immediately. The preacher collapses and Cassie begs for someone to call an ambulance. Boyd walks out, his work there done.

At the bar, Raylan sidles up beside Rachel. She asks Raylan if he found his honey’s ex – says he may as well have asked him to meet him behind the bleachers after school. Raylan asks where Lindsey is and they said she headed upstairs to wait for him a couple of hours ago. Uh-oh.

The room is tossed and stripped. Anybody want to bet that Lindsey stole Raylan’s cash stash and headed out of town with her ex. Was he even her ex or was this just another scam she was running while she was biding her time waiting on Randall to get out of jail? Hmm. Nice plot twist. I like it!