Justified Season 4 Episode 2 “Where’s Waldo?” Recap 01/15/13

Justified Season 4 Episode 2 “Where’s Waldo?” Recap 01/15/13

Tonight JUSTIFIED returns tonight with a whole new episode called “Where’s Waldo?”  On tonight’s show U.S. Marshal Raylan will have new crimes to solve and on tonight’s episode as Raylan tangles with a dangerous family keeping a dark secret, Boyd takes on a snake-handling preacher.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s premiere of Justified the show proved it is here to stay.  The episode was well-written and it makes us look forward to a great season.  On the premiere while running down a vicious fugitive, Raylan found evidence his family was at the center of a legendary unsolved mystery.

On tonight’s episode according to TVLine, “Wynn Duffy resurfaces in a darkly amusing scene involving one of his stooges and Raylan holding a gun.”  As Raylan tangles with a dangerous family keeping a dark secret, Boyd takes on a snake-handling preacher.

Not that they have found a way to work him into season 4, Mykelti Williamson will return as Noble’s Holler overlord Limehouse.

Tonight’s season premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified premiering tonight?

Tonight’s Recap:  Lindsey and Raylan are wrapping a steamy roll in the sheets. When he goes for round two, she puts on the brakes and tells him she has to get the bar delivery. He tells her to stay put – naked – and he’ll go sign for it.

Randall Kusik walks in and Raylan tells him to bring in the delivery – he’s not bringing a delivery – but helps himself to a beer from behind the bar. Raylan says they’re closed. He tells him to go and the Randall asks if he thinks he can make him. Raylan says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care to find out. The dude leaves, but throws down a chair and some attitude on the way out.

At Boyd’s bar, Ava is signing for the booze when Ellen May walks in – she tells her she missed work not because she was sick – but because of God. She reads her a verse from “palms” – what an idiot. Ava asks if she found God and EM says she has to save her soul before it’s too late. Ava said she’s the one who saved her life with her shotgun. EM says she’s there to return the favor. She tries to evangelize Ava.

Ava reminds her they killed a man and dumped his body down the well – she tells her there’s no salvation for people like them. She tells EM to be there for work tonight or never come back.

Raylan’s boss Art is in a pissing match with Patrick from the Bowling Green office. He’s itching to take over when Art retries, but he tells him how out of control his staff is. He says he’s got an ex-sniper who wants to kill everyone, a woman who’s in emotional upheaval over her divorce and Raylan whose daddy is in jail and just killed a man – and he’s got to break it to him. He sends the guy on his way with sarcastic best wishes but keeps the expensive bottle of hooch he brought as a gift/bribe.

Art breaks the news to Raylan that his dad killed Sam Porter. Raylan says he was in the room with his dad when he showed him the bag. He shows Art the bag and says his dad wouldn’t say anything about it. It’s a Panamian diplomat’s bag.

Boyd, Johnny and Ava are annoyed that Preacher Billy is reforming their staff and killing their oxy business. Ava says they should go see what the church is about and Boyd says he doesn’t like churches. He sends Johnny to find out why their oxy sales are down and he doesn’t say please.

Tim’s reading off a laundry list of the Truth family’s rap sheet (family of the guy whose license was in the mystery bag.) Art says the bag is giving him a “marshal stiffie” and Raylan’s grossed out. They’re headed out to the Truth’s house to see “Where’s Waldo?”

At the revival tent, EM finds Cassie putting out chairs and watching kids so some people can run their errands. EM really wants to talk to Billy. Cassie says he’s not available, but then he comes out of the back. He asks what he can do for her. She tells him she appreciates his interest in her soul, but she can’t be part of the church.

He wants to know why. She says she knows he said God loves everyone and all sins can be forgiven, but that she’s done some unspeakable, awful things. She says no one could forgive what she’s done. He says it’s not true. He says all that matters is what she does from now on. She says Jesus died to save her…

EM says some people just can’t be saved no matter what. He wants to know who planted that seed. He wants to know if it’s the people she does bad things for – she says they helped her. He says they shame her out of their own fear and greed. He asks if she wants to be part of the church and she’s committed. Billy tells her they’ll name and shame those who have shamed her.

There’s an outdoor backyard (illegal) boxing match about to happen. Money’s bet, bare knuckle fighters are in the ring and it starts. Ooh – they’re kickboxing too! Randall’s fighting and he kicks the guy’s butt real fast!

Meanwhile Colton’s beating somebody (Danny) up for Boyd. Colton’s telling him about snowcapped mountains and Danny interrupts and Colton puts a gun to his head and tells him it’s rude to interrupt. Colton says he can spot a doper from a mile away and he knew Danny was a hophead. Boyd wants to know why he thinks he can sell heroin on his turf. Danny says when his bosses find out what Boyd’s doing to him, there will be trouble.

Ava runs in and tells Boyd to come see what’s going on. There’s a passel of Rev Billy’s church kids singing hymnals and holding out church money.

Boyd goes to see Sheriff Shelby who thinks they are square and doesn’t owe Boyd anything. Boyd says he’s more of a concerned citizen there to protect other townies from the cult that’s spring up in their midst. Shelly says if he gives him this, they’re well and done. Boyd agrees and Shelby hands him a file on Billy and his sister. They’ve been to three other run-down towns for a few months and left without incident.

Boyd thinks that Billy hangs around until the criminal element pays him to take a hike after the church ruins their business. Shelby thinks maybe they’re legit and trying to help people. Hmm…

Randall is arguing over his take. He gives in on that and he asks the fight coordinators who own the fancy house when can he get what he wants from them. He tells Randall when he has the money to come back and otherwise to get lost.

The guy he beat and his buddy approach Randall on the street and challenge him. They want his money. The other guy threatens him and says there’s two of us. Randall knocks one face first into a truck and he’s done. Randall turns to the other guy and says though there was two of you. He wimps out and takes off, but Randall follows and “raccoons” him – one punch to each eye so he’ll wake up looking like a raccoon.

Raylan’s snoring in the car – Art wakes him up. Tim, Raylan and Art watching a mailbox. Raylan’s ready to go. Art wants to know where Raylan was yesterday – tells him he’s keeping addict hours. He threatens him with morning prisoner transfer. Art tells him he knows it’s illegal for marshals to take any side work.

Art sees a kid pick up something from the mailbox. It’s the Truth’s grandson Milo. They lag behind following, but the kid takes off – he rides into the yard yelling that he’s being chased by perverts. Two men and a woman come out of the house with guns out. The three 20 something’s won’t put their guns down and when they’re told to put them down or get shot, they seem to think it’s a good day to die.

A haggard woman comes out and they ask her about Waldo – she says it’s her husband, but he’s not home. She tells them to come back later. Art tells them until they see Waldo, the disability check is going to be stopped. The sassy white trash grandkid yells – you ain’t taking our draw. She tells her kids to put up the guns before they shoot someone in front of her grandbabies. She instructs her daughter to go make some calls and find Waldo. I bet they think they’re going to try and turn someone up to pretend he’s Waldo – my theory is that Waldo’s dead and they’ve hid the body to keep the checks coming…

In the Truth’s house, Mrs. Truth is telling possibly bogus tales of how she met Waldo. One of her kids is openly rolling a joint in front of the marshals. She offers them beer again and they decline again. All of the kids are smoking up and they remind them that they’re marshals and one of the kids says he’s got glaucoma. She says she can’t stand to see her kids suffer… Classy!

Then Waldo comes in (sure it’s him…). The marshals go search him and tell him they’ve got a few questions. He says he wants to greet his wife first. He gives her a mouth kiss – taking advantage. He asks for ID. He hands over his state card and his social security card. They asks if he’s the same guy convicted of armed robbery. He says he served his time and is rehabilitated. They show him the bag and he doesn’t look like he saw it. They ask if he knows Arlo and he says he doesn’t.

They slap cuffs on him for a parole violation and he caves and says he’s not Waldo. He said he agreed to play Waldo to keep the draw going. The grandkid Milo pulls a gun and tells them they’re not taking the draw. Raylan says he’s going to haul them all in for drugs, mail fraud, guns and anything else they can find.

The wife says some guy – a pilot – came and took him away 30 years ago – she says some guy named Jew – then they ask if it’s Drew and she says yes. Art knows a Drew Thompson. The marshals take all their guns away and wish them a nice day and leave.

Preacher Billy is baptizing EM in the tent.  The crowd applauds. Boyd and Colton show up. Billy addresses Boyd and says he hoped he’d come to the tent. He said his work is to cast out devils. Boyd asks if he wants to cast him out – he tells Boyd that he’d rather bring him in. He invites him to come in and be saved by the Lord.

Boyd tells Billy he’s sinning by making assumptions about people and places he knows nothing about. Boyd tells him he’s got his collection plate and he’s got his. He brings up the other towns Billy’s left. He says it comes to him in a dream. Boyd quotes the Apostle John – do not believe every spirit but test the sprits to see if they are from God. Wow! Boyd knows him some Bible!

Boyd says Billy takes their money and makes empty promises. Billy says skepticism is wise and hard earned. He tells him he sleeps in the Lord’s warm embrace. Billy tells the crowd that no one else is to give a penny more to the church. His sister doesn’t look thrilled. The crowd applauds.

Colton says that didn’t go well and Boyd tells him on the contrary, he got exactly what he came for. I agree – he cut off Preacher Billy’s money supply…

Back at the marshal’s office, Art pulls out an old file. Remember the mystery skydiver who pancaked in the street in a flashback on the last episode? Art says it was the day that cocaine came to Harlan County. The autopsy report showed there was a scar on the dead skydiver’s buttock – exactly where Mrs. Truth said she stabbed her no good husband. Looks like Waldo was a human pancake, so where’s the pilot Drew?

In Boyd’s bar, Ava’s worried that EM might blab about the pimp murder in her urge to come clean for the Lord. They’ve got Danny the heroin dealer tied up. Duffy shows up and asks how he knows Danny belongs to him. Boyd said they bought some heroin from his turf and it was packed up identical to what Danny had. Duffy said he apologizes for getting on his turf. Boyd offers to partner with him and be his distributor in Harlan County.

Duffy says he can’t trust him. Boyd says to reconsider or Danny the dealer won’t leave the room alive. Duffy pulls his gun, Boyd’s guys pull theirs, but it’s Danny he’s after and Duffy puts one in his skull. Jeez. What a way to terminate an employee. Duffy tells him any dealer silly enough to poach on someone else’s territory isn’t welcome. Duffy tells his boys to grab Danny’s body and Boyd tells him they’ll clean up.

Duffy says, since we’re getting chummy, why did Arlo kill the Dixie mafia guy in prison? Boyd says he’ll find out and Duffy says they can talk business later. Lindsey and Raylan are closing up the bar together. He says they should lock the door and get busy on the bar. She wants to hear more about the skydiving cocaine case. He pops her up onto the bar. She tells him in the right light he could be considered attractive. They start getting busy when the door opens.

It’s Randall. Raylan tells him the bar is closed and he said he just needs to have a quick word with his wife – the one Raylan’s kissing on… What?? OMG!!! Love this show.

That’s it in Harlan County til next week Justified fans!!