Justin Bieber Booed At Billboard Awards – Did Selena Gomez Laugh?

Justin Bieber Booed At Billboard Awards - Did Selena Gomez Laugh? 0520

I would have but that goes without saying. And it wouldn’t have been over the booeing because, to be honest, I didn’t hear that much of it but EVERYONE is saying it happened. I would have laughed over the glasses… and the affected accent (isn’t the kid Canadian?)… and the arm tat… and his whole demeanor in general. If Selena Gomez didn’t take a look at that hot mess on the stage and think to herself, “What the hell was I thinking?” then I just don’t understand people and, hopefully, never will.

At last night’s Billboard Awards, Justin Bieber received the first ever Milestone Award. According to TMZ he got up to the stage the crowd kinda turned on him and started booeing and it made him super uncomfortable. Did you hear his voice crack a couple times? I definitely heard that. He took it all very seriously like he was winning the Nobel Peace Prize or something. He even threw a shout out to Jesus who, oddly enough, got some crazy applause so way to go J.C. The kids love ya!

Selena and Taylor Swift were in the front row but they didn’t stand to applaud like the others which is pretty awesome. I wish we had a close up of Taylor’s face. I can’t be positive but she was probably grimacing again.

So what does this all mean for Justin Bieber? Booeing is never a great sign from the mob. Perhaps he’ll get a freakin’ clue and stop acting like a spoiled douche? Would that be too much self-awareness… too much introspection? Why change when you win awards? Why change when Jesus loves you?

Does Justin remind anyone else of a Baby Kanye West – from the glasses to the clothes to the indignance? Maybe he should start dating one of those Jenner girls….


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9 responses to “Justin Bieber Booed At Billboard Awards – Did Selena Gomez Laugh?”

  1. earsucker says:

    I laughed LOL

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  3. Yoie Missya says:


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