Justin Bieber Prostitute Scandal Has Many People In The World VERY Grossed Out!

Justin Bieber Prostitute Scandal Has Many People In The World VERY Grossed Out!

JUSTIN BEIBER DOESN’T MIND PAYING FOR A GOOD TIME . . . . BUSTED SNEAKING OUT OF A BROTHEL! That’s right, children, ya boy JB apparently must feel like TI “It ain’t trickin if you got it”.  What grown woman would even find Justin Bieber sexy (for free)? It would be like getting it in with a junior high crooner. Not only odd but kinda gross.

The paps caught JB sneaking (wrapped in a sheet with the brothel logo … ewwww) out of Centaurus, a whorehouse in Rio de Jeniro. It was reported that JB spent about three hours in the whorehouse before sneaking out with two of its “entertainers” to accompany him back to his suite. Apparently, word is that Justin was on his “vintage corny Bieber behavior” and was kicked out of the brothel along with his entourage.

Now, while you Bieber fans may be shocked at JB buying whores, we should first say that selling sex is “legal” in Brazil. While you can buy some love in Brazil, it is not, however, legal to “run a brothel,” which could be the reason why Justin and his entourage were asked to leave after the media circus started to build outside of the whorehouse.

Sounds like Beiber’s presence at the brothel will open up a legal investigation like Rihanna’s visit to the “sex show” in Taiwan. It appears that JB is taking full advantage of the legal sex trade laws in South America. Just about a week prior, Justin was reported to have paid one Panama City Sex Worker 500 dollars to spend the night with him after the club. Then, to add insult to injury, the “Boyfriend” singer got kicked out of his hotel, allegedly, for not obeying the rules.

All this was just after bringing the two “prostitutes” back to his suite. Hotel management, though, says that was not why the teen singer was asked to leave. Apparently, he and his entire entourage spent several days partying, taking drugs, and annoying other guests at the hotel. It seems that the arrival of two prostitutes at the hotel with Justin Bieber was the sex straw that broke the management’s back. Still, and this might just be me, I can’t even visualize Justin Bieber having sex. Ewwwwwwwwww!

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