Justin Bieber Beds Another Random Chick In Las Vegas – Returns To Hotel With “Date” At 6 AM

Justin Bieber Beds Another Random Chick In Las Vegas

Justin Bieber is so over Selena Gomez! The 19-year old continues to make headlines after being spotted with another girl at a party in Las Vegas, just days after he was seen cuddling and kissing up a married woman. Bieber and his female friend arrived back at his hotel at around 6am in Sin City following their night out to a private party in some mansion.

The girl is most likely a fan (could be a hooker though) that Justin carried off with him from a recent show he had in Vegas; this is just our assumption seeing that she’s dressed like a teenager and is carrying a teddy bear or some stuffed animal – or it could be a sex toy. Either the Biebs gave that to her as a cheap present, or she still struggles to sleep at night because she’s scared of the dark and needs something to cuddle up to it. Either way, she doesn’t look like she’s known Justin for a long time.

It’s fair to say that the Canadian popstar will never go back to Selena, and quite frankly, we doubt she even wants him back; if he’s been intimate with all these girls he’s been spotted taking back to his hotel room, Selena better stay far away unless she wants to catch some kind of nasty disease herself. Though the former Disney starlet tells friends and family that she’s over her ex-boyfriend, she’s still spending a lot of time with him.

On Wednesday, she was seen making her way to a local theater with Justin where the two were said to have caught a screening of This Is Us, which could just mean that they’re still good friends. But knowing that they’ve gotten back together several times in the past, we wouldn’t doubt that they could possibly become an item again. Selena, if you do get back with Justin, please get him checked beforehand. If you truly believe Bieber took this unidentified girl back to his hotel room to ‘hang out’, then you are in denial.

Pics of Justin and his date here.

3 responses to “Justin Bieber Beds Another Random Chick In Las Vegas – Returns To Hotel With “Date” At 6 AM”

  1. he’s such a womanizer, he needs to chillax with that

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    And all his fans are wishing that they were the next flavor of the night – he’s a walking STD.

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