Kanye West Attacks Photographer With Kim Kardashian – Smashes Head Trying To Avoid Paparazzi (VIDEO – PHOTOS)

Kanye West Attacks Photographer With Kim Kardashian - Smashes Head Trying To Avoid Paparazzi (VIDEO)

Kanye West is having a really bad day today. Not only is he stuck walking hand-in-hand with his baby mama, Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills when you know he’s rather be holed up in a Paris hotel with a little blonde protege, but he had a bit of an accident. Luckily TMZ was following the couple around (but not for Kanye – LOL) and they actually caught a golden moment. While walking up an incline Kanye has his head down so that no one can see his face and when he lifts his head a bit he slams right into a metal sign.

I mean, it sounded like it hurt, a lot. Luckily Kimmie was right there to try and cover him with her side view. Seriously, girlfriend stood in front of him and for a moment Kanye disappeared. To his credit, in that particular moment Kanye kept his anger in check and did not flip out. He walked past the paps and scolded them, but I really thought the camera guy was going to get clobbered Just when it looked like the Kanye meltdown had been avoided he stormed out of the eatery that he and Kim had gone into. This time he lost his mind on a poor photographer that had just arrived, telling him to go home and to stop taking photos. Kanye literally ran at the guy screaming and yelling before rejoining Kim inside.

Ironically Kanye’s flip out had nothing to do with being protective of his pregnant girlfriend. Instead it was all about him not wanting his picture taken! My guess is that he’ll be on a flight back to Paris any day now and Kim will be lucky if he sets foot back on U.S. Soil before their baby is born – or even after….

Will fatherhood cool off this legendary hothead? Let’s be real here the paps are only going to get more aggressive once the baby is born. Will Kanye get himself under control? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

To See Kanye’s ACCIDENT And What Followed CLICK HERE!

Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West stop for Pho in Los Angeles, California on May 10, 2013. While leaving the parking garage, Kanye bumps his head on a wrong way sign!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. lilgrandma says:

    a$$hole!!they want to be famous will there it is!and kanye should tell kim the ho to STFU and act like a man kanye!kanye such a dic#head with the piece of shit that kim is!Eough of this a$$holes!!Fr now on i don’t want to see anything about kanye,kim and her fake family or i will be a goner!! Not every day!!!

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