Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson Swap Lives: Will Kendra Crumble Under the Weight of 8 Children?

Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson Swap Lives: Will Kendra Crumble Under the Weight of 8 Children?

What do two fame-loving celebrity moms who’ve been out of the reality tv scene do when they want that spotlight again? Simple answer. Celebrity Wife Swap! Kendra Wilkinson and mom of eight children Kate Gosselin will be switching lives to experience how the other one lives and journeys through their life as a mother and a wife. The swap, as is normal with the show, will last for one week. There’s sure to be drama. Lots of it.

Both moms have been itching to get back into the spotlight for sometime now. It’s no secret that Kate Gosselin loves a life of fame and has been fighting tooth and nail to get her and her children another reality show. Kendra has had a break and will, eventually, make the return to television. Perhaps this brief appearance on Wife Swap is a warm up for something bigger planned? Maybe this episode will serve as an audition for Kate Gosselin. She better show the world what they’ve been missing if she wants any chance at all to recover her declining fame.

Both of these ladies appeared on Dancing with the Stars and are very familiar with having cameras follow them around every hour, every second of the day.

Kate Gosselin will be storming into the lives of Hank Baskett and son Hank to take over their household and show them how a mother of 8 children does things. Chances are she runs the world a bit differently that Kendra. We’re expecting a clashing of heads. It will be interesting to see how Kate handles a child other than her own.

Kendra Wilkinson won’t have to worry about a man necessarily; however, I’m sure she’ll be plenty busy watching after Kate’s whiny brood of 8 children. Something tells me Kendra Wilkinson is getting in a bit over her head on this one. Wonder if she’ll be able to handle the stress? Look forward to the shenanigans!

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