Kate Gosselin Wants A Kid Free Vacation, Exhausted Mom Going Crazy

Kate Gosselin Wants A Kid Free Vacation, Exhausted Mom Going Crazy

It takes a devoted person to raise eight children with love, compassion, and patience. But after days of exhausting monotony, what parent doesn’t want a few days—or even just a few hours—of silence that is only broken by the tinkle of ice cubes bobbing up and down in a vodka tonic? Kate Gosselin is no stranger to fatigue, and after weeks of jokes about being overworked, we think she may be in need of a court-ordered vacation.

The tired mom tweeted, “I’m taking a little rest 9while I wait4my bread to finish baking) before I start making dinner&packing lunches! Hoping house stays quiet . . .” A few questions: doesn’t it make sense to put the kids to work? She has two 12-year-olds, surely they can pitch in and assemble PB&Js! But what strikes me as most odd is that she really seems to be living hour by hour, and not in a savor each moment and make it last sort of way, but in a if each espresso shot gives me 48 minutes of energy, how many do I need each day, assuming that 4 hours a day will be spent burning 3 times as much energy per hour as the rest of the hours. Or something. Seriously, it’s like a math problem. We’re worried about Kate! Does she ever have a minute to just sit down and be?

Kate’s tweets about sleep are becoming more frequent. She shared another two today. The first: “Good dark and rainy morning every1! Today even I wished for a snow day..how nice it would have been to STAY IN BED! Awake now tho-lots2do!” Around 10pm, asked, “Is it pathetic that I get SO excited that I giggle ea day when enough (I’d say ‘everything’ but nvr so) is done & I can crawl in2 my bed?” Uhm, a little? No one should be that tired! We know ex husband Jon Gosselin isn’t a first-rate father, but surely he can keep the kids alive and healthy for 24-hours so Kate can have a break? With the kids, running a house, and contributing to The Stir, we think Kate’s reaching a breaking point. What do you think will happen if she keeps up this pace?

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  • Claire Grace

    Kate – You wanted those babies and used them to make money. Now that they walk, talk, play, and scream like normal kids you want out. Why don’t you give the kids, house, van and money to Jon? He is clearly the better parent and has been. Want a break like “normal” people? Get a job!! Maybe this is Karma! You are a mean spirited, self absorbed, famewhore. It’s the life you wanted! You are a narcissistic, bipolar, with borderline personality disorder. Don’t worry – I won’t charge you!

    • LolaBro

      I can’t believe the author is serious. Needs a break?

  • shariangela@att.net

    She got exactly what she ask for, and now she;s whining hoping someone gives her and Steve a free vacation, Pathetic.This is the same woman who went on tv and said I don’t have enough money to pay the stack of bills I have in my purse, when in fact she had millions in the bank,She would’nt know the truth if it smacked her in the face. She can dish it nout but she can;t take it.

  • LolaBro

    Is this author serious? Kate has more free time on her hands than most parents with one child. No job, kids gone 9 hours per day and by her own admission help 15-20 hours per week. Stop drinking the Kate Koolaid. She is a pathological liar

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