Kate Gosselin Neglectful Parent? Busy Mom Ditches Healthy Kid Diet

Kate Gosselin Neglectful Parent? Busy Mom Ditches Healthy Kid Diet

Ex reality TV star Kate Gosselin seems to have her heart in the right place, but at the end of the day, she’s a single mom raising 8 children. Though she seems to have moved away from her fame desperate days (and on to celeb blogging), she can’t help but fall on bad habits when the going gets rough. And while the mom isn’t afraid of strumming up controversy (many raised eyebrows when she tweeted that her kids voluntarily shoveled snow from her driveway), she is always worried about her image.

We think Kate loves her kids, but that what’s put her in fifth gear is a desire to land a new TV contract—one that will do more for her career than add another show to the list of TLC reality shows. There’s a huge market for how-to parent shows right now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she landed a ‘Kate At Home’ style show, where she shared recipes and household tricks. But her happy-go-lucky image is faltering, and it shows in her tweets.

Yesterday, Kate shared that she was “feeding my kids cookies/milk.” It’s not exactly a shining example of healthy eating—especially since we saw that huge, veggie-free, cheese-loaded pizza she made the kids for dinner last weekend! We took it as a fun, Saturday-night in cooking activity, but it seems that junk food may be more of a lifestyle than Kate would have us believe. I’m sure plenty of parents use cookies as bribery before bedtime, or as a snack (which was Kate’s use), but that doesn’t make it right! What worse way to ensure your kids a good night’s rest than pumping them full of cookies (sugar, fats) and milk (which many studies show causes nightmares!)?

Kate made a lot of money off her book and shows—would it be crazy to hire part time help? Does Kate have a nanny or housekeeper to help out? It isn’t admitting defeat—Kate has a lot on her plate, and no one expects her to be Wonder Woman. Do you think that cookies before bed is a good choice, or is Kate staying afloat, by whatever means necessary?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet