Kate Gosselin Forces Children to Shovel Snow in Freezing Weather — Claims they Love it!

Kate Gosselin Forces Children to Shovel Snow in Freezing Weather -- Claims they Love it!

Kate Gosselin continues to dive into controversial territory where her kids are concerned. While many of her comments are mere jokes, they come across a bit “evil-mother-ish” and probably make a lot of people out there a bit unsure. Now Kate Gosselin is forcing her kids into cold, hard labor in the middle of snowstorms.

Maybe she really is the Ice Queen. She recently tweeted that her kids would be out first thing in the morning to shovel the freshly fallen snow because they love moving the fluffy white playtime goodness off the sidewalks. Mhmm, sure.

“A snowy stay home kinda day! Loved the sleepin. Now what 2 do w 8 bouncy kids? Oh I know—let them shovel snow! It’s their new favorite thing!”

Before people freak out over Kate’s tweet and flip their switch to attack mode, maybe her kids really do enjoy shoveling snow, in which case they should be allowed to use their crazy hyperness for good and not evil. But Kate has gotten flack before for “using” her kids like a little army for her personal benefit. Should people react crazily to this tweet? I personally think it’s nothing to chastise her for, but I do think Kate should be careful in choosing her words in the future. She’s notorious for sometimes choosing the “wrong” ones and coming off sounding crazier than *I think* she truly is.

But who knows? Maybe she is just a full bag of crazysauce that can’t be contained — one that merely sits on the warm couch as her eight children are forced out into the cold wintertime snows. What do you all think? I’m impartial. Let me know in the comments section below how you perceive this mother of 8. Is she on the hunt for more fame and publicity? She’s slowly creeping her way back into the limelight, so that appears to be a very plausible guess?

Can’t wait to see what Kate (plus 8) do for their big media-stunt comeback.

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  • This is a ridiculous piece of writing. Really? Not a fan of hers, but this could be considered defamation! Think before you write.

    • Melore

      Oh please, definitely not defamation, lol. Just the truth.

  • AFMomXs2

    Really ?? In my day it was called EARNING YOUR KEEP. Had to mow lawn, shovel snow, pull weeds in the garden .. When our kids would whine about mowing lawn our standard answer was . “Why do you think we had you ?? We needed someone to mow the lawn” everyone would laugh and then they did their chore. Anyone with 8 kids the same age has to be insane to some extent. Heck 1 kid will drive you there if you aren’t careful.

    • teresa sigler

      All of those kids have earned their keep! They have been exploited since they came out of her womb. Their home was a tv studio w/hot lights and very long days filming and retakes. They made their parents millions, TLC multimillions. kate has spent their money on her personal upkeep.

  • teresa sigler

    First of all she lied, like she always does! She tweeted that is was fresh fallen snow. Many people in her town and who live near her said it was freezing rain some and raining and the high was going to be in the 40’s that day and get up to the 60s and 70s in about 2 or 3 days. Awhile back she also said in a storm that hit her area, before Sandy hit that she tweeted she lost ALL of her big trees that lined the driveway in the storm! Another LIE! It is not true! People who live very near her confirm this. She can tweet all the lies on twitter and her 2 or 3 rabid fans believe her.

  • Who cares if the kids enjoy shoveling snow? What ever happened to doing chores and learning responsibility? The task of a parent is to prepare children for adulthood. Instilling a work ethic is part of that. As for it being “freezing,” yeah, that’s usually the case when you get snow. Americans are raising a bunch of softies with no survival skills. Ridiculous!

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