Kate Gosselin Cooking Show Future – TV Mom Shows Off Kitchen Skills

Kate Gosselin Cooking Show Future - TV Mom Shows Off Kitchen Skills

Most cooking shows operate on one of two themes: cooking for a family, or easy cooking for parties. Mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin, however, straddles both worlds on a daily basis, cooking for nine bodies three times a day! We’ve loved watching Kate transform from fame grubbing whore to loving, devoted mom, and it seems she’s made the last hurdle into single motherhood—catering!

Last night, Kate suppressed the instinct to call in take out for 9, instead making a huge pizza for her family to share. She teased us with a picture of the mouth-watering pie, captioned, “Look what I made for dinner last night!!! From scratch!!! It was SO yummy!” Sure, the pepperoni pizza is a bit burnt in patches, but it’s the thought that counts, and we bet her kids loved it—especially since she skipped the veggies and loaded up the cheese!

Kate is moving forward, and we hope that other reality moms (June Shannon, Kris Jenner) can take a leaf out of her book and realize that there’s more to life than having a cable TV show! Honestly, what kid wouldn’t enjoy a family movie night at home over a big slice of pizza? Kate is setting a terrific example for her kids by investing time in family, instead of talk show appearances and network meetings. Add to that the triumph of landing on her feet after a heart wrenching divorce, and she becomes mom-of-the-year quality!

The family enjoyed a night in, watching the super-sad but sweet movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green. “Cozy and cuddled up watching a movie with my three kids that are home! Nice to have movie companions,” Kate shared with her followers. She quoted her favorite lines from the movie: “Jim: Have a great day! Judy: That’s too much pressure! Jim: have the day you have!” I bet Kate feels that way a lot! Do you like the new Kate, or do you think she and her family belong on prime time TV?

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