Kate Gosselin’s Mid-Life Crisis: Overwhelmed Single Mom

Kate Gosselin's Mid-Life Crisis: Overwhelmed Single Mom

We’ve been thrilled to report that Kate Gosselin seems to be turning her life around—she’s slowly transitioning from fame whore to loving mom, in a move that is pleasing to fans and her family! The mom of eight went through a rough patch after finding out that hubby Jon Gosselin was cheating. The divorce that followed was ugly, but seemed to spur on her desire for fame, instead of her maternal instinct to provide her children with a stable home.

 The now-single mom is an inspiration to many, and has a large Twitter following. Since being off the air, Kate has refocused her time on personal improvement and family—she even ran a marathon, just to prove to her kids that anything is possible. She may be all smiles (with the occasional down-played struggle) on her website and on Twitter, but a new blog post through Café Mom shows a very different woman: Kate, on the brink of meltdown.

She discusses the fruits of 2013 with humor, as we would expect, but her first post on The Stir is permeated with an underlying theme of stress. Kate, there’s no shame in wanting a mom-cation, but we wonder just how long of a break Kate needs from her overwhelming reality.

This is going to be one heck of a ride,” Kate wrote about the impending 13th birthday of twin daughters. Kate’s spent the last few months as a stay-at-home mom, which one would think gave her the opportunity to get her ducks lined up and home organized. Whether she was working hard at it or not, Kate is still buried under household work that needs doing, and is seeking aid from friends to learn “details of plumbing, building, and repairing.”

Compounding the daily struggles of 8 children, carpool schedules, meal planning, and laundry is Kate’s looming birthday, which she’s put a lot of stock into. “Panic will definitely ensue this year when I turn 38 in March. That’s just way too close to the big 4-0!” Kate’s trying to keep perspective, admitting, “gotta accept it, right? What elese can I do?” She’s hoping that, “Once I accept it, I can move on and refocus on the new year with thoughts of everything that I hope to make happen this year in all categories of life—home, family, work, and fun!”

Kate’s spirit is refreshing—especially when compared to contemporaries like Mama Honey Boo Boo  (June Shannon) and Kris Jenner. But we think she’s put way too much pressure on herself. Short of 19th century farmers, very few families have so many kids, and even fewer today raise them as single parents. Kate needs to know that it’s okay to ask for help, and to admit small failings. What’s most important is keeping her kids healthy, and happy! Do you like the new Kate?

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5 responses to “Kate Gosselin’s Mid-Life Crisis: Overwhelmed Single Mom”

  1. Watcher says:

    Who are you and how much is The Stir paying you to write this drivel about a has been reality nobody?

  2. This article makes me want to vomit. Kate is a shrew and a has been and no amount of praise from this site is going to change that. She just needs to go away, far far away.

  3. WhiskerCat says:

    But she is not a “single parent.” Those children have a father who loves them and is always willing to care for them. But using single parent gains more sympathy and gifts, right?

  4. LOL…I guess somebody didn’t get an education on Kate via Coupon Cabin and is going to have to learn the hard way that this is the most unliked woman in America…Oh well, have fun with it watching it come apart, anyway…

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