Kate Gosselin is Broke and Lonely: Reality Famewhore Thinks She’s Too Special To Work (PHOTOS)

Kate Gosselin is Broke and Lonely: Reality Famewhore Thinks She's Too Special To Work (PHOTOS)

Perhaps it’s time that Kate Gosselin hung up her hopes of extending her fame and opted to go back to work in the medical field. While the former reality star was once on top of the world she seems to have milked the celeb system dry with various ideas on how to stay in the public eye. Since divorcing Jon Gosselin Kate continued to use her 8 kids as a way to pay the bills and when offers to do her own show finally dried up then Kate starting popping up on all sorts of other reality shows until she was left with no choice but to realize that it’s not her that people want to watch – it was her family.

According to the Oct. 21st print edition of In Touch, Kate was recently spotted at a local PA grocery store looking extremely thin and miserable. It seems that even the locals tend to shun her because they feel she used her family to get rich and refuses to do any real work herself. Kate has no steady income and her ex doesn’t pay child support, leaving her to figure out how to provide for her huge family on her own.

One of the last ideas that Kate pitched was yet another reality show that centered on her dating life. I guess she figured she could make some cash and maybe land a new man all at once. Unfortunately no one seemed very interested in the idea of watching Kate in action so her show has yet to even be considered by any network. I have to wonder why Kate refuses to return to the real nursing job that she went to school for. Usually when parents are desperate for cash they’ll take any job to feed their kids. Does Kate think she is that far above going back to a normal job? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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13 responses to “Kate Gosselin is Broke and Lonely: Reality Famewhore Thinks She’s Too Special To Work (PHOTOS)”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Her massive ego has to be fed before her kids – she burned too many bridges with her behavior and the public is sick of her. Her new reality will be finding a job as soon as the utilities get shut off and the bank comes after her house.

  2. dessertgirl says:

    The longer it takes her to accept reality, the worse shape she will be in. She mentioned that she had refinanced her house a while back and she most probably took out as much cash as she could at that time. The house, because of the nation’s economic downturn, is probably worth less than the amount of money she paid for and borrowed from it. Most likely, if she sold her house now, she would owe more on it than it is worth. She is in real financial trouble and her present lifestyle, maintaining a huge house and property that they don’t need will quickly eat up her reported $200,000 net worth. Supporting eight kids is not cheap and with the expenses she now has to foot for maintenance, etc. will quickly bring her net worth down. When she was filming, TLC paid portions of her utilities, food, cleaning bills, clothing, vehicles, swimming pool, personal assistants, staff and nannies and now she has to pay those expenses herself with NO income. Appearing on Katie or other talk shows pays very little. I believe the pay scale for one appearance is like $250. That is nothing compared to what she spends to get ready for the show. Limo transport, a bodyguard, hotel room in a ritzy hotel, new outfits, hair style, tanning, etc. far exceeds what she is paid. Each time she appears on tv, the public increases their dislike for her.

    • debbiehm says:

      I believe the TV shows provide her transportation and hotel if she appears on them, but not hair and tanning and clothes and bodyguard and all the other things involved…But, heck, Kate would probably pay THEM to be on their show to extend her past due 15 minutes….She is finally DONE and everyone has been seeing it come but HER…It will be very interesting, now that her last and final shot at the limelight with her “cookbook” has failed miserably, to see how her desperation for fame and money causes her to react…It must be a depressing feeling to know that your horrible attitude cost you everything you valued…and everything to her is money and fame:) I, for one, am happy to see her having to kiss it all goodbye…I never understood the few fans she had having blinders on…We all knew that if she saw them on the sidewalk, she wouldn’t give a single one of them a smile or the time of day…Too late, she learns that the public MAKES you or BREAKS you…It is THEY who have the power…Narcissist don’t get that…They think it is all about them…Too late they get that if you treat people badly, you lose them…And without THEM, you are just a nobody mother of 8 kids with a bummer ex husband and you are NOT anybody special…

      • dessertgirl says:

        I don’t think that they pay for the travel/hotel for just a few minutes with Katie. At least I hope not. And, if they do, I hope they don’t let her pick the hotel because TLC used to put her up in the most expensive one in NYC.

        • debbiehm says:

          They do that on all shows…Most of the guests couldn’t afford it and celebrities EXPECT it…They choose the hotel, though…But they do it for every guest…provide a car and hotel…but they DON’T pay them money to appear…

  3. Lana Bo-banna says:

    Jon better hope this story is B.S or he’ll have to pay child support. Yes we know she absolved him of paying but if the kids are in need, he better start paying.

    • dessertgirl says:

      Good luck to Kate because you can’t get blood from a stone. When the judge looks at her expenses and his, he will win.

  4. dessertgirl says:

    Isn’t this picture of Kate the epitomy of a MISERABLE woman? She couldn’t look more unhappy if she tried. This photo was for one of her promos for her book and apparently the show didn’t have great makeup and hair stylists or perhaps they did and they have such a distaste for Kate that they made her look as miserable as she feels. You can see that she may have missed one of her THOUSAND dollar FREE hairdo appointments as you can see her roots. In addition, the color is bad. I guess she forgot to pick up a box of bleach at Target.

  5. Dee Steinman says:

    I think she needs to stay away from nursing, sick people deserve to be treated good, they don’t deserve a mean person like her. I always felt sorry for Jon and the kids.

  6. Colston Ballew says:

    as a father, if my kids need something….they get it before I get anything!! I have a 3 year old and another on the way and haven’t bought myself a single thing since her birth.
    my shoes are old and ragged and I’ve been wearing the same clothes for years!!! but my children have new shoes and clothing and food and a place to live…..that’s what parents do!!!!

  7. vee says:

    john is a disappointment…..a slug….hanging to the coat tails of Kate AND the kids. john needs to at least one ball.

  8. anon says:

    maybe she should marry one of the dugger men nobody would notice if there were a few extra kids running around in that mob.