Kate Gosselin a Cheater! What Kind of Example is she Setting for her Children?

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Kate Gosselin cheats. No, I don’t mean marital cheating, even though I’m sure she did that as well while with Jon Gosselin. No, she cheats with her children’s education. Apparently, Kate texts her children their homework if they forget it at home. Is that fair? Kate tweeted the other day, “I love modern technology…my kid forgot her essay at home. I took pic & texted it –> in this case, my child rec’d FULL credit! #momslove2rescue.

I’m sorry, this is extremely unfair to all the other kids who remembered to bring their homework – and it’s even more unfair if another kid forgot their homework, but their parents weren’t at home and and jobless, and therefore couldn’t spend time searching for the homework and then taking screencaps and sending them via message. AND, it’s worse for children whose parents might not even be able to afford to send the homework via text because they don’t have smart phones.

Why am I not surprised that Kate Gosselin’s kids get special treatment? In most schools, sending homework via text would not be allowed, and I’m sure the teachers made an exception for Kate’s kids because they are celebrity children. I use the term ‘celebrity’ loosely here because most of America seems to consider reality stars ‘celebrities’ in today’s fame obsessed world.

What do you guys think? Is it fair that Kate’s children received full credit for an assignment they forgot? Is it fair to the other kids who might not have gotten the same chance? Did they get special treatment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.