Kate Gosselin Prepares For Huge Weekend Party With Fans

Kate Gosselin Prepares For Huge Weekend Party With Fans

We’ve been really excited with the news ex reality mom Kate Gosselin is making. Kate was once a Kris Jenner-in-the-making, but seems to have rewound, emotionally detoxed, and saved her kids from a lifetime of superficiality. Though she’s working the single mom life since split from cheating hubby Jon Gosselin, Kate tries to keep optimistic. Yesterday, Kate admitted that life with eight kids is hard, and it sounds like she’s struggling to keep it together. Fortunately, she’s doing so with a smile and in her home—not on a talk show!

Kate has a loyal following of moms who look to her for guidance and inspiration. She seems to take this role seriously, but admits she doesn’t have enough time to give fans as much attention as she’d like to. That’s why Kate’s come up with a terrific solution: she’s having a party! Yesterday, Kate shared, ‘I’m saying ‘hey’ you, my tweety friends ARE on my ‘to do list’ today! I miss you and will be back to chat soon..tweety party this wkend?”

It sounds like Kate is planning an hour to sit down with Twitter and reach out to her followers! We’re not sure if this will manifest as a Q & A session, a long string of retweets, or maybe even a few links to blog updates (her personal website has been relatively inactive recently!). One thing’s for sure: we’ll be checking in to see her, whatever she may be doing!

The continued support Kate has received since deciding to stop appearing on reality TV must be so validating to her: not only does she have more quality time with her kids, she has narrowed her fan base. While I’m sure haters like to spam her (as happens to all celebs, and sometimes to us regular folk too!), a cursory glance at the Twitter replies she receives show a circle of empathetic friends, who seek her anecdotes as remedies to their own stresses. We hope Kate can keep it up, and can’t wait for her party! Will you be there?

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  2. stef says:

    So you idolize someone who has been caught in a boatload of lies, abandons her children at every opportunity and spends her time shamelessly begging for freebies from companies. Are you this devoted to Casey Anthony and Susan Smith too?