Kate Gosselin Feels Beat Up And Lonely – Strives To Be Single Mom Role Model

Kate Gosselin Feels Beat Up And Lonely - Strives To Be Single Mom Role Model

It’s amazing how a cheating scandal can force one to pick sides about a couple that was previously considered irrelevant, but that’s exactly what happened to me when news of Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin’s divorce hit the web. There’s nothing to glorify when a dad doubly cheats on his wife (he cheated on the woman he cheated with! It’s like watching people on TV watch TV . . . very Twilight Zone!) and, though I hated to admit that Kate might have any redeeming qualities, one emerged: Kate hadn’t broken her family apart and devastated her kids.

Since the split, I’ve questioned some of her actions. As with any TV family, I have to wonder what will happen when the kids grow up, never knowing privacy at home. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape comes to mind. Since her TLC show went off the air, however, Kate seems to have reformed herself in an unexpected and inspiring manner: she’s ditched the mullet, trained for a marathon, and is devoted to her kids.

We reported that Kate had learned to take pleasure in the small things, such as running carpool for eight kids on a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, it isn’t all roses and giggles in Kate’s home, and she often feels overwhelmed. Well, I imagine any single parent would, what with eight children!

Always optimistic, Kate tweeted, “Hi every1! Moving fast&working hard!I’ll catch up soon so I can slow 2 a ‘normal’ pace! Any1 else feel like 2013 is beating them . . . up? ;)” We’re three weeks into the year, but Kate is already exhausted by the responsibilities her family presents her. What’s a mom to do? She really seems to have turned a new leaf, and we want her to stay the path!

Later this evening, Kate shared, “I’m saying ‘hey’ you, my tweety friends ARE on my ‘to do list’ today!I miss you & will be back to chat soon . . . tweety party this wkend?” Besides admiring her excellent adherence to Twitter’s strict 140 character or less policy, I think we should also be thankful for her priorities! A lot of parents use her twitter and website as motivation—she shares workout tips, recipes, and cute anecdotes. Before, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Kate willing to drop the kids with a sitter to be in the spotlight. But now? She’s working hard to schedule time for fans, but won’t sacrifice her family to do so!

I wish more celebrities would go in this direction—sure, we get super private celebrities who keep baby pictures under lock and key, and refuse to comment, except in movie studio contracted interviews, but Kate seems to have found a truly happy medium. I wish her all the best, and hope she can continue to set goals for herself and be an amazing role model to her kids! Are you happy that Kate’s focusing on family, or do you think they should be back on the air?

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5 responses to “Kate Gosselin Feels Beat Up And Lonely – Strives To Be Single Mom Role Model”

  1. Mickey says:

    No, I don’t think she should be back on tv. Of course anyone would be overwhelmed with 8 children but she cares about herself only – now that she isn’t being watched by the paparazzi 24 hours a day she has time for her children – but she is a mean, nasty woman with no talent and she has caused this herself. I will never watch anything she is on if she is ever so fortunate to get a show again. I didn’t used to feel this way. I watched every show of Jon & Kate plus 8 but then I started seeing how mean she was to Jon and I don’t blame him for having an affair to get away from her. She has shown her true self over and over again. I feel sorry for the kids.

  2. maryannieo says:

    What do I think? What a load of horseshit

  3. teresa sigler says:

    To the writer of this article: Have you lost your mind??? kate Gosselin is a child exploiting, child abusing, animal abusing bipolar monster!!! She wrote in her own handwriting the way she severely punished her 2 year olds while they were potty training. Joel at 2, had an accident and she freaked and grabbed him from the floor by the HAIR OF HIS HEAD and threw him in his crib and BEAT him with the infamous wooden spoon and BEAT him into his crib! She wrote that she was afraid that if she was going to severely injure him she wrote that THAT would of been the day. She has whacked them for years with that wooden spoon. She even hit EMERIL LAGASSE with it TWICE HARD on Youtube! Her face was so demonic looking and just think those kids have to see that on a daily basis! She hit Emeril on his forearm and he turned back and looked at her like what the ??? and she hit him again and he started rubbing his RED FOREARM. That spoon is her weapon of choice. Well when those kids get just a little older, they are 12 and 8, she may be getting whipped with 8 wooden spoons! 2 teenagers and 6 preteens. Heaven help the neighbors!

  4. Stefanie says:

    Oh please. If we don’t worship your almighty Kate then you don’t give a flying rip what we think. I notice you didn’t mention the fact that it has now been revealed they were legally separated for 2 YEARS before it was publicly announced…which means (GASP!!) that your almighty Katie Irene has been busted in yet another lie!

    Since you asked…here’s what I think. I think you should come here to Reading, PA WITHOUT warning to ANYONE and watch how your almighty Kate is in real life and not the nonsense she spewed on her show or Twitter. You will FINALLY see the real Kate Gosselin. And it ain’t pretty.

    P.S. Do you beat your own children with a wooden spoon too?