Kate Gosselin Pimping Out Her Children Again For New Reality TV Shows

Kate Gosselin Pimping Out Her Children Again For New Reality TV Shows

Is Kate Gosselin already encouraging her children to have their own children? According to Kate’s twitter, her children were curious about kids and family sizes, and Kate decided to have a conversation with them about it.

See, unlike most parents who have young kids, she didn’t tell them that they were too young to be worrying about children, but instead had a conversation with them about what they would want their own family to look like. Supporters of Kate’s will say that since she had eight children, the topic of family and family size is one that they are already used to. Detractors will say that she shouldn’t be setting a bad example for them, and should tell them to focus on other things at their age.

Either way, she tweeted, “Discussing families out by pool w a few kids Hannah : twin girls but I wont match them Leah:1 girl/3 boys Joel:1 boy/1 girl Aaden:2 boys/1 girl.” Well, at least the kids realize the difficulties of maintaining a large family, no doubt a consequence of their own family. I can’t imagine that the family doesn’t have regular fights over toys and laptop/television privileges.

Also, Kate’s probably salivating at the thought of using her children for future reality shows. It’s not like she shies away from keeping her children off camera, as we saw from Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Can you imagine the attention she would get when her own children had their children, especially if any one of those ends up being a teen pregnancy? But I don’t want to be too harsh on her – I don’t think she genuinely wants any of her kids to have eight children or get pregnant at a very young age. I’ll give her the benefit of doubt this time around, and say that she probably had the kids’ best interests at heart when she had this conversation.

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