Kate Gosselin Pretends Like She’s Busy With Kids But Spending All Her Time On Twitter

Kate Gosselin Pretends Like She’s Busy With Kids But Spending All Her Time On Twitter

Kate Gosselin likes to pretend like she’s actually spending time with her kids instead of deliberating all day about what to post on Twitter.

Kate returned to Twitter a couple days ago after a blissful few days of no tweets because of technical difficulties, but it seems as though she’s solved that problem. However, she seems to have run into more technical difficulties as she tweeted, “I can’t figure out this new twitter app to save my life… Not that I have the time anyway! Busy with kids.. but stop in when I can:)”

Right, you’re so busy that you have time to try and fix your Twitter app and then tweet about not being able to fix it. And when you spend so much time tweeting, it’s kind of hard for anyone to believe that you actually spend any worthwhile time with your children to begin with. Sure, Kate, sure.

I mean, to be fair, Kate does have a lot on her plate right now. She’s suing her ex-husband Jon Gosselin for child support even though she has plenty of money to live a pretty lavish lifestyle. Of course, she needs everything she can get since she doesn’t have a job and her full-time job really seems to consist of tweeting. I know her excuse will be that she has eight kids to take care of, and she doesn’t have time for a job, but when you spend this much time tweeting, I don’t see you how you can make that excuse. There’s also the fact that her most recent job involved blogging, so obviously she’s used to spending hours online.

What do you guys think about Kate Gosselin’s Twitter usage? Do you think she actually spends time with her children? Do you even care? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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