Kate Gosselin Back To Twitter, Resumes Whining About Having To Work And Clean

Kate Gosselin Back To Twitter, Resumes Whining About Having To Work And Clean

When Kate Gosselin was having issues with Twitter earlier this week, I thought it would be an opportunity for a brief respite from her endless tweets. Alas, it was not meant to be. Kate is now back on Twitter after some brief [too brief] technical issues, and she’s very happy about it. She tweeted, “Back on Twitterific.. Had to re buy the updated version of app. Not happy but…. At least I can tweet you again!”

Yes, please torture us some more with your incessant whining. You know, this is one of the main reasons why I don’t understand celebrities tweeting. Sure, some celebrities only use it to communicate with fans and promote their films, but other use it to update their followers on the most mundane aspects of life – like cleaning and cooking. Who cares?!

It’s even worse when someone like Kate does it because A) she’s boring and shouldn’t be famous to begin with, and B) she manages to turn every single tweet into an attention-seeking message or complaint, with an undercurrent of whining throughout all of her messages.

For example, she tweeted, “Hi! Busy and hot 1 here.Cleaning, organizing, working …&about to make lunch.” Thank you for that update…? Why did we need to know that? No, the better question would be why she felt the need to tell us that? Everyone has to clean, organize, and work during the summer, not just her. And this is reality star syndrome at its worst – they feel like their audiences are so used to seeing them every day that they need to make sure to keep updating them, even if it’s with something as boring as cooking and cleaning.

What do you guys think about Kate’s tweets? Do you find them interesting, boring, or whiny? Or all of the above? Let us know in the comments.

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9 responses to “Kate Gosselin Back To Twitter, Resumes Whining About Having To Work And Clean”

  1. Theusual says:

    Kate plays a game- she thinks she’s coy….thank you for writing a blog that is spot on ms Reilly .
    People don’t like “reality stars that think they are ” movie stars”
    Kate will never earn respect because she has none for herself. Plus she lies soooo much.

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  3. Theusual says:

    By the way … The amount of paper/plastic cups plates the gosselin house uses ( very well documented by the way) is disgusting. 9x plates 9x cups x 2 because kate doesn’t do breakfast x 7 add it up x 30 days she should be ashamed. I have yet to see her use a “real plate/cup in forever. She says she washes dishes 2x day in dishwasher. When? And what is in there? Why do I care? Because she is always saying she saves money and projecting herself as super mom. That’s not super if you ask me. It’s lazy!

  4. debbiehm says:

    She is trying her hardest at staying “relevant”…Though only a very small amount of people are even reading her twitter( I don’t), it helps her keep that “I am a star” feeling going even though her TV days are long gone…She lives in the fantasy world that she will have a show again and I think in her mind she is afraid to let go of the 15 fans left because then there will be nobody left to tell her how fabulous she is…Narcissistic people such as Kate THRIVE on that…She HAS to be in the center of attention(self created as it is)…God help her if she didn’t have Twitter…I don’t know what she would do if she was living the mundane existence of a non working divorced (not single) mother of 8 kids trying to (albeit with paid help) take care of laundry, cooking and everything the rest of the women of the country(albeit WITHOUT any help) have to do every single day of their lives…Oh, yeah…and in Kate’s case, I’m sure she hates every minute of it because she is so ABOVE MEDIOCRE and yet that is what she is now relegated to…a MEDIOCRE life:) Now go back to sleep, Kate….Your maid and “babysitters” have got it all working for you…Just keep posting your little notes all over the house for them and they will do ALL your “mommy” jobs for you so you can play and twitter…..

    • lukebandit says:

      Great job on your dissertation for your doctorates on kate! lol You have her number. When she is twittering she is with the kids. This zones her out from her kids. She can’t handle it. When she is twitter silent, she is on a trip somewhere.

  5. Theusual says:

    She is mentally inept. Her blog is so self serving. In her mind it is Kate’s world and we are just in it.she is more unstable than you all think. She so immature with her writings. Having people hanging on her every word ( she knows she teases her 5 followers)well it shows their ineptness too! You name it it has been said about kate. One thing you CAN count on is that her mentally challenged brain will always be a lying fool. As long as people (5) fall all over her she really believes she’s so much more when in reality she is just that person that craves attention from faceless twitter people and is incapable of any kind of relationship.

  6. Theusual says:

    I so look at her personality as a phycological observer and see the pieces of her that are not right. She could have 1 million people tell her something negative in regards to a tweet/blog/interview and normal healthy people see the wrong and obvious but 2 people will go along with her and those 2 people will be her guide to continue the behavior that was brought to light . That is a true sociopath / narcissistic personality. They don’t care about what people think or say. In her mind Majority rules and in her mind those two are her newest bestest friends. Hence no family relationships / can’t keep a job/ divorce etc. we can respond to kate until we are blue in the face. SHE JUST NEVER GOT THE MEMO. Too bad.

  7. Theusual says:

    What does kate stand for? Hunger? World peace? Recycling?donations? Animals?smog? Natural disasters? Child abuse? What does she take a stand on??? ANSWER: NOTHING
    Why would anyone ever care what she’s has to say? She could care less about the world around her. With her litany of so called followers(bought and paid for) why would she not use the blog/website/twitter to STAND for something…anything…. But no this shallow/narrow minded person who calls herself a mom with 8 future adults……. Stands for NOTHING but……..kate.

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