Kate Gosselin Back To Twitter, Resumes Whining About Having To Work And Clean

Kate Gosselin Back To Twitter, Resumes Whining About Having To Work And Clean

When Kate Gosselin was having issues with Twitter earlier this week, I thought it would be an opportunity for a brief respite from her endless tweets. Alas, it was not meant to be. Kate is now back on Twitter after some brief [too brief] technical issues, and she’s very happy about it. She tweeted, “Back on Twitterific.. Had to re buy the updated version of app. Not happy but…. At least I can tweet you again!”

Yes, please torture us some more with your incessant whining. You know, this is one of the main reasons why I don’t understand celebrities tweeting. Sure, some celebrities only use it to communicate with fans and promote their films, but other use it to update their followers on the most mundane aspects of life – like cleaning and cooking. Who cares?!

It’s even worse when someone like Kate does it because A) she’s boring and shouldn’t be famous to begin with, and B) she manages to turn every single tweet into an attention-seeking message or complaint, with an undercurrent of whining throughout all of her messages.

For example, she tweeted, “Hi! Busy and hot 1 here.Cleaning, organizing, working …&about to make lunch.” Thank you for that update…? Why did we need to know that? No, the better question would be why she felt the need to tell us that? Everyone has to clean, organize, and work during the summer, not just her. And this is reality star syndrome at its worst – they feel like their audiences are so used to seeing them every day that they need to make sure to keep updating them, even if it’s with something as boring as cooking and cleaning.

What do you guys think about Kate’s tweets? Do you find them interesting, boring, or whiny? Or all of the above? Let us know in the comments.

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