Kate Gosselin Tweets About Her Super Rare Eye Color: Who Cares?


You’d think that with the amount of negative backlash Kate Gosselin gets, especially from her so-called ‘fans’, she’d take some time to go off Twitter. You know, it’s not like she has eight kids to raise or anything. But for now, Kate Gosselin continues to bombard our brains with her idiotic tweets.

The latest gem is how she manages to turn an interesting factoid into a ‘ME, ME, ME’ statement. She tweeted, “RT @UberFacts Only 2% of Earth’s population naturally has green eyes. I’M PART OF THAT 2%! SEEMS ODDS AGAINST ME R ACTUALLY FOR ME EVERYX!:)”

Just when I think that she’s starting to get more bearable, her narcissistic tendencies come out in one way or another. I’ve always been of the opinion that celebrities shouldn’t be allowed access to Twitter, and that goes twofold for reality stars. Usually, their IQ is far lower than that of an average movie star/musician and as a result, their tweets are both hilarious and saddening at the same time. I mean, what was the reason for the last part of that tweet to be in all capitals – to give us a headache? Or to make sure there was no way we would miss it? To gain our empathy about how the ‘odds’ are against her?

In Kate’s case, I think she’s used up any amounts of sympathy and empathy she had left a long time ago. She continually uses her kids to stay in the spotlight, knowing that they are pretty much her only claim to fame.

Look, I get that she wants everyone to know what a rare and special flower she is. We all like to think we’re special. But when you’re on such a public platform, would you really tweet about how the rarity of your green eyes means that the odds are actually ‘for’ you? And what on Earth is ‘everyx’? Grammer, people!

What do you guys think about Kate’s latest set of tweets? Harmless fun or irritating beyond belief? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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11 responses to “Kate Gosselin Tweets About Her Super Rare Eye Color: Who Cares?”

  1. lisakn says:

    Irritating beyond belief.

  2. dessertgirl says:

    What makes her kids special? They were born in a litter and have had to earn their food and shelter since they came into the world. Kate does nothing to give the kids social experiences other than going to school. They don’t take music or dance classes, participate in Boy or Girl Scouts or 4-H. They don’t even go to church and Sunday school despite the fact that she grifted from churches across the country for cash donations. Her first book sold and the second two bombed. She is now pimping a cookbook with photos or guess what? Not food, the kids. Her recipes are all variations of recipes she found on soup can labels and cheese and cereal boxes. She is hoping that this masterpiece will rocket her into her very own cooking show where she will demonstrate her culinary disasters.

    • BigTuna212 says:

      I hate to say that this but in about 4-5 years Katies Kids will be news. They will be taking drugs like LILO. They have Jon’s genetics and he loves the ganja,drinking and lazy life style. Oh man will they be news as they are so friged up. Sadly,they are gonna be a mess.

      • dessertgirl says:

        How are they going to get into trouble when they are locked behind the gated walls of her perceived “palace”. The kids are socially and educationally slow. You only have to watch the Duggar children and to compare them, even though they are homeschooled and see that they are better spoken and better educated than the Gosselins.
        The sextuplets are nine and have just finished second grade. They are about two years behind their peers of the same age who have just finished the fourth grade. They should excel in school because they are two years older than their peers of the same age.
        This is not the fault of the children. They have been held back to allow them to participate in filming their worthless show. Kate has practiced and is practicing CHILD ABUSE in raising these children. The kids would be better off in a public school where they could more easily participate in afterschool activities and develop friendships outside of their family.
        Even though the Duggars are a larger family and are homeschooled, their children have varied interests and activities and the younger children feed off of the activities of the older ones. This is not the case of the “cookie cutter” Gosselins.

  3. SoPathetic says:

    LOLOLOL!!!! Kate, Kate, Kate. You are beyond pathetic! What a desperate and sad attempt to gain some attention! Let me guess what will come next…you’ll approach Bausch and Lomb to make contact lenses the color of YOUR eyes!!!!!

  4. QBK says:

    Really? This should be news on the WCC (the Who Cares Channel) or the NGACN (No One Gives a Crap Network). Can’t this pathetic creature realize that her 15 minutes of fame are up? I have never seen someone so desperate to be noticed in my entire life.

  5. lukebandit says:

    My, my! My eyes are green too kate. Also, I have 3 sons, 2 with brown eyes and one with blue eyes, their father has brown eyes. It is extremely rare for a brown eyed, brown haired male and a green eyed brown female have a blue eyed blonde haired boy. Now, that you have someone now who has topped you, what are you going to do about it? You always want to sue, Can we sue? So sue me! kates desperation, her me me me tv time fame biological time clock running out, her rapid aging looks, her mental illnesses clicking into 3rd gear. We will have more and more ridiculous tweets from her and 2 or 3 of her over the top fanatic fans who will defend their idol religiously.

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