Kate Gosselin Using Boston Bombing Tragedy To Gain Attention, Wants To Run A Marathon For Victims

Kate Gosselin Using Boston Bombing Tragedy To Gain Attention, Wants To Run A Marathon For Victims

Is there anything worse than a reality television star who uses a national tragedy to try to increase her own profile? At least the Kardashians, whatever else you can say about them, have kept their mouths shut in the face of the Boston marathon bombings yesterday. However, Kate Gosselin, like the fame hungry, attention seeking twat that she is, has announced that she wants to run a marathon for all the victims following the Boston tragedy.

She tweeted, “All I want 2 do today is RUN in honor of those whose lives were 4ever changed bc of the Boston tragedy – hope 2 decrease stress #prayforboston.” Yes, because stress is the biggest problem right now. How dumb do you have to be to suggest a marathon two days after bombings at a marathon? Kate Gosselin running around isn’t going to help anyone affected by the tragedy, but of course – she doesn’t think like that. No, she has a lot of ‘stress’ from the bombings that she wants to get ‘decrease’.

If this had come from anyone else, especially someone who is from Boston, I would have bought it. Coming from Kate, it’s sickening and disgusting to think how far this women would go to increase her own fame. Fans on Twitter agree, and have been bombarding Kate with messages about taking her tweet down. It seems that people all agree on the fact that while it may have been genuine, it was probably not coming from someone like Kate Gosselin. After all, this is a women who decided to get pregnant multiple times with the sole purpose of appearing on a reality show. Would it be surprising for her to attempt to host a marathon in the wake of bombings DURING A MARATHON? She doesn’t understand what she’s suggesting, and she probably thought that everyone would jump up and down at her wonderful idea, and probably write about what a wonderful person she is. Well, your plan’s backfired, Kate. Next time, think before you tweet.

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20 responses to “Kate Gosselin Using Boston Bombing Tragedy To Gain Attention, Wants To Run A Marathon For Victims”

  1. PJ77 says:

    September 11, 2006 Monday, September 11, 2006 “Today is the five year remembrance of the Sept 11 bombings or whatever.” Kate Gosselin

  2. wingnutsRme says:

    She is shameless self serving moron. Just go away already Krieder.

  3. earsucker says:

    This broad is shameless and offensive….of course she would use a tragedy to her own benefit…so disgusting.

  4. LJ says:

    Another one of her gems: “Hurricane Sandy Funday” or something to that effect

  5. terri says:

    all those reality-tv ‘stars’ are narcissistic – what other type of personality would want to expose their lives to everyone

    • Reality says:

      Why many of them need to go away. Of course, if I was offered so much more than I make, I probably would consider it, too. I would hope that I would not feel self-entitled and above all, like Kate has. And, to know the good sense that when it was over, it is over. That the public has said no. To plan accordingly for it. Not to continue going around like I am some celebrated star with talent, thinking I am still deserving of and begging to be on TV.

  6. Reality says:

    The others did not note that they were doing it to “relieve stress”….

  7. Reality says:

    And, yes, I dislike Kate Gosselin. She has not done anything to earn the majority of this country’s respect. People do not like fame-mongering, self entitled, patronizing narcissists. The public to which she clamors to is wishing she go away. She is seeking public attention, and the public is saying NO!

  8. YoureABoobTyrese says:

    You want to help, Kate then donate money! They’re reporting many of the people injured don’t have health insurance to take care of their medical bills. You’re a multi-millionaire. You had NO problem begging our town of Reading, PA for handouts and money…isn’t it time that you FINALLY did something for someone else and actually GIVE BACK?

  9. deb wilkin says:

    what i want to know is- did this women save her millions and plan for the future- when she would have worked through her 15-minutes of fame- OR- did she squander it- assumming she would be different that all those 15-minute-ers that passed before her? I’m dying to know this.

  10. Allie Shain says:

    This woman is vile, I loathe her. lol

  11. cmc says:

    Actually, some of us are talking about running a marathon to honor Boston. Personally, I ran Boston this year and I’ll be wearing my race shirt to run Chicago later in the year. Marathoners are banding together and honoring this tragedy by continuing to do what we love and not letting ourselves be paralyzed by fear.

    …Kate Gosselin is still an a*hole though.

    • Our problem with Kate Gosselin is she is using the Boston Marathon Tragedy for her own fame and benefit and to host and plan a marathon almost immediately after what happened in Boston in order to take the attention off of what happened and put it on herself is why everyone is upset with her suggestion. Now you said that you and other marathoners are banding together for the Chicago Marathon later this year is different. You will be honoring the tragedy “Later” on which is awesome. We will support that fully. I wish the best for you and the Marathoners banding together for later on this year to run in Chicago in support of this tragedy.the Boston Marathon. We are behind you.

  12. We agree @lukebandit….totally