Kate Gosselin Continues Using Her Children – Birthday Famewhore

Kate Gosselin Continues Using Her Children - Birthday Famewhore

Kate Gosselin physically makes my brain hurt. Not because she’s intelligent or compelling any manner whatsoever, but because she’s so desperate to win people’s attention. It’s like a dog with a bone that refuses to go away.

Kate’s claim to fame has always been her children, and although she’s tried everything from plastic surgery to writing a book to even using the Boston bombings to gain attention, it’s always remained her children. Of course, she has been trying to leverage that for all its worth and she continues to do so.

As a single mother of eight children, Gosselin should be busy working and taking care of her children, not tweeting constantly. She tweeted today that it was the anniversary of the birth of six of her children, saying, “This minute, 9 years ago, my life was forever changed for the better..Times SIX! From 7:51 am til 7:53 am, my babies were born! I love you.”

You know, she’s been flopping back and forth about that ‘my life was forever changed for the better’ part. She’s claimed in the past that she wishes that she hadn’t had that many children, but of course, she will just change her tune to whatever suits her in the present. Right now, she needs people to pay attention to her, and while she’s a famewhore of epic proportions, people still feel compelled to follow her on Twitter for some reason. Of course, you can feel sorry for anyone if you try hard enough, especially people who want to be famous so badly that they are willing to foregoe any semblance of a normal life to do so.

Do you guys think that Kate continues to use her children to gain attention? Will she ever go away? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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