Kate Gosselin Cookbook Recipes Were Recycled, Kate Lied And Cheated?

Kate Gosselin Cookbook Recipes Were Recycled, Kate Lied And Cheated?

Would anybody at all be surprised by the information that Kate Gosselin‘s recipes in her cookbook weren’t actually her own? Initially, when the sales started to come in for the book and it was reported that it had catastrophically failed in the marketplace, Kate continued to promote it. However, she gave up once the reviews started coming in.

Several reviewers noticed that Kate’s recipes were just rehashed and recycled from soup cans, and they weren’t even remotely original. To be honest, I’m surprised anybody even brought this book to review it in the first place. Like, why would you buy a cookbook from a reality star who’s not only NOT a professional chef, but has the money and resources to hire cooks for herself and her children. Well, the money’s probably tighter now, but that doesn’t make her any great shakes at cooking by any means.

An example of one such review is, “What a terrible waste of time and money. Recipes seem to be recycled from the back of soup cans and internet recipe sites.” Another stated, “The measurements are insane. 2 or 3 cloves of garlic? 2 or 3 cups of rice? What is it? 2 or 3??? I’m also a little disappointed in all the family photos. If I wanted a family album I wouldn’t have bought this book.”

It’s obvious to even the most biased person that Kate’s only goal in creating this cookbook was to take advantage of her reality star status and make some quick money. She probably thought that stealing from other recipes and throwing in a few personal photos would cause her legion of fans to buy the books, but I guess she forgot the memo that stated that she no longer has legions of fans. In fact, she barely has any fans left, period.

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4 responses to “Kate Gosselin Cookbook Recipes Were Recycled, Kate Lied And Cheated?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Kate is not a star in any way except in her own delusional mind. The cookbook debacle was just a money grab that blew up in her face.

  2. allie says:

    She lies about everything. Grasping for straws, she’s got nothing.

  3. Pamela says:

    She obviously stole them from somewhere, she’s no chef.

  4. dessertgirl says:

    Listen up, Ralston Purina, Kraft, Campbell, etc. and don’t forget ALPO. She may have cracked the code to their recipe and her emaciated kids have been living on it and its derivatives for years.