Kate Gosselin New Cookbook Fail: Meets With Horrible Reviews And Bad Sales

Kate Gosselin New Cookbook Fail: Meets With Horrible Reviews And Bad Sales

Kate Gosselin has probably been working harder than she ever has in her entire life to promote her ridiculous cookbook, but it hasn’t been working out too well for her. According to current sales information, the book [titled ‘Love Is In The Mix‘] is at #3,105 on the Amazon Bestseller List, and the reviews for the book are horrible across the board.

The negative reviews include complaints about use of processed food, unhealthy recipes, unoriginal recipes or recipes copied from the Internet, and incorrect matching descriptions or photos for food. None of the reviews were particularly kind, but some of the more negative ones said things like, “Don’t waste your money on this book. Recipes using canned soup that is very high in sodium, and box mixes is a joke. Any doctor that read this book would give several thumbs down. Kate is just trying to make money by writing this book because she knows that there is nothing more she can do. Her show is over, and she needs to get a real job to support her 8 children.”

The review continues in that vein, and it looks like the general audiences aren’t warming to it either, especially if the sales are any indication.

What will Kate do now? What are her options? I’m sure she was using this cookbook as a way to set up her eventual return to reality television, but if she can’t even sell a cookbook, how will she sell a television show? If anything, the dismal performance of this book will probably hurt her long-term goals instead of help them.

What do you guys think of the bad reviews and bad sales numbers for Kate’s cookbook? Would you bring something into your home associated with Kate Gosselin? Let us know in the comments.

18 responses to “Kate Gosselin New Cookbook Fail: Meets With Horrible Reviews And Bad Sales”

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  2. Nate says:

    People are just plain sick of her. Her 25 minutes of fame are done. Maybe her cough cough body guard has some idea how she can make a few bucks.

    • Melanie Anderson says:

      holy cow how generous of you to give her 25 minutes of fame I was only counting less than 15

  3. Angel 2009 says:

    Delusional woman – the gravy train has left the station without you!

  4. dessertgirl says:

    Her bad press and bad reviews are well deserved. She is delusional if she thinks that anyone who is considering giving her a position or a show won’t check her out on the internet and that they will see what a vile, egotistical woman and unfit mother she is.

    Why does she need a bodyguard? She can’t get a pap to take her picture even if she paid them to. Some people don’t even recognize her “STARDOM.”

    She is a nobody who duped her husband into having sex when the doctor told her that she shouldn’t because the medication she was on could produce a large multiple birth. When she heard that, she conned her husband and started calling tv stations in search of a program. She even called the mother of the Kienest septuplets asking her for advice on how to get a show.

    She is lazy and delusional. Her kids are old enough that they no longer need a nanny 20 hours a week. Kate should sell her mansion, come down to earth and get a real job. Unfortunately, her “profession” as a nurse will hurt a lot of sick patients as she lacks a hearth and any empathy. Watch out for the red spoon if you do something that Kate doesn’t like and no patient should ask her for a drink of water because Kate will take it for herself.

    We are all excited to see her go crazy now that she has the first two teens and will revel when the other six get older.

  5. dessertgirl says:

    Her outfit is inappropriate for a book signing event. She looks like a hooker looking for a trick. Why can’t she dress like a upscale suburban mother with class? Does she have to show her cleavage at every event? I guess when you spend so much money on plastic surgery, you want to flaunt it.

    • Lucy Di Poce Bonomo says:

      I know, why are her boobs always hanging out? Also who needs a cookbook? All recipes are on the internet for free.

    • debbiehm says:

      She can’t dress like an “upscale suburban mother with class” because she is NOT an upscale anything…What she is is plain old trailer trash that in spite of everything managed to achieve 15 minutes of fame and a little bit of celebrity…And BEING plain old trailer trash, did NOT have the wisdom to know how to treat people(aka FANS) with common courtesy and respect and so managed to throw all her celebrity away…And now she is realizing much TOO late that once you blow it, you just don’t get a second chance…She is fighting tooth and nail getting a job but if she doesn’t see the writing on the wall by now, she is even more stupid than I think she is…

  6. dessertgirl says:

    Kate, no one wants to see your children pull up a chair to watch “mommie dearest” cook! Everyone knows how to open cans and we all prefer to cook healthy which you don’t do. You have no skills and your looks are going. Unfortunately, your children have poor and limited verbal skills and they aren’t interesting. You have done nothing to make them socially comfortable and they are no longer cute.

    • Angel 2009 says:

      Awww, please don’t slam the kids. They can’t help it if their mother is a useless, talentless, egotistical fame whore. Pathetic that she continues to use them for attention and more fame for herself.

      • Jeanie says:

        ”’Unfortunately, your children have poor and limited verbal skills and
        they aren’t interesting. You have done nothing to make them socially
        comfortable and they are no longer cute.”’

        The poster is right in the statement above.
        Don’t you try to chastise someone on this thread, who are you to boss anyone?

  7. dessertgirl says:

    Sales are dropping like a rock. Last week, on Amazon, the book was 3,000 something in popularity, this week, it’s over 5,000 in popularity. No one is buying it. Sales are over. Another Kate FAILURE. I guess porn movies is your next stop.

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  10. Darlene says:

    Go away. Kate no one likes you we don’t care about your kids get a real job and take care of your 8kids by yourself,you brought them into the world now you feed them,we don’t like you Kate GO AWAY forever

  11. Keisha says:

    The only celebrity cookbook that ever caught my attention enough to buy was Teresa Giudice and I have bought hers and tried out many of the recipes and every one of them were excellent to our family. The public doesn’t need to pay there hard earned money on a cookbook by Kate Gosselin on how to open canned goods. I think we are all smart enough to know that when you buy a cookbook it is to make something homemade/from scratch and heathier than fast food or canned goods. We could figure out how to open a can without Kate’s help. I have never watched the show when it was on air but from public opinion even while the show was on the air it sounds like she was a pretty crappy person to begin with and exploiting her children. People like that don’t deserve children when there are great women out there that would make an amazing mother and they will never know the joy of giving birth but this crazy woman can have

  12. Keisha says:

    If she is burning through her children’s money I hope that her kids do like Macaulay Culkin did with his and sue’s her to get it back. I don’t think that any parent should be able to control there children’s money when they are an in the entertainment business. It should be in a trust or something like that and only have access to the money when they are adults but the parents should never be able to spend any of there money. Her and Jon were getting paid so they should only be able to spend there money. These kids are going to need a lot of help when they are older since they have her for a mother and Her and Jon are deadbeat parents for years now.

  13. dessertgirl says:

    The difference between you and Kate is that you aren’t out promoting yourself to be the best organic cook from scratch and you probably don’t grow your own chickens and hatch your own eggs. I’m not slamming you because you appear to be a normal mom.