Kate Gosselin Bitter As Jon Gosselin Plans Revenge By Dancing With The Stars Appearance

Kate Gosselin Bitter As Jon Gosselin Plans Revenge By Dancing With The Stars Appearance

Jon Gosselin dancing? Jon Gosselin doing something that would require him to wake up in the morning and go to work? I don’t know if I believe this.

According to new reports, Jon Gosselin is planning to get ‘revenge’ on Kate Gosselin by appearing on Dancing with the Stars, provided they’ll even have him, of course. Kate previously competed on the show for its tenth season, where she was kicked off pretty quickly. Apparently, Jon thinks he can do a lot better than her and wants to humiliate her on national TV by proving that.

Sources close to Jon explained, “Jon has really been down on his luck since leaving the reality show, and he thinks Dancing with the Stars would be a great way to generate some income while also giving the public a chance to actually get to know him. He also thinks he can kick Kate’s butt.” The source adds, “Jon is tired of looking like a deadbeat dad. A stint on ‘Dancing’ would be an opportunity for him to reinvent himself.”

He wants the public to get to know him? Is he sure about that? I’m pretty sure everyone already got to ‘know’ him when he was on that idiotic reality show with his ex-wife and their children, and that didn’t go so well. Does he really want another chance to be humiliated on TV?

I mean, he should definitely do it – if only for the inevitable laughs that he’ll provide us. I mean, it’s a win-win for us, right? He wins, he humiliates Kate. He loses, we laugh at him. Whatever.

What do you guys think of Jon’s plan to embarrass his ex-wife on national television? It is stupid or genius? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • lukebandit

    Jon should have a chance to go on DWTS to prove what a good humble guy he is now and has changed for the much better. He was and is easy going and great guy, but kate is not that way at all. She is a vile horrible person. People like this do exist. The difference in Jon and kate is day and night. The staff will be so surprised how nice and humble he is compared to the super***** that kate was. She demanded that Steve HAD TO be at her side. He is not a bodyguard, he is her lover. If Andy Dick, who was a train wreck can turn around and find love, then Jon deserves a chance! kate is a bitter ***** that will never change and continues to throw Jon under the bus every chance she gets. He has flown under the radar and is living a quiet life in a cabin in the woods. I wish I had a cabin, living there having a quiet life. That is my dream!

    • v blackwell

      So agree with you! I remember Jon as a man who came home after working all day as a computer tech, to do ANOTHER day’s work as a contributing family member.When he became a TLC (and his wife’s) employee. Jon endured a lot of belittlement & abuse from Kate, while continuing to be a loving father. He deserves the chance to reintroduce himself to the public after being subjected to a lot of negative press from his ex. I sincerely hope he has the opportunity to outshine “the diva” on DWTS . He has too much class to take public jabs at Kate, but he has every right to represent himself and earn a little money.TEAM JON & Kids ! ; )

  • PleaseDissapearPermanently

    On the show, wasnt he a computer tech or something? Why dosent he just go back to doing what he knows? Forget the celebrity world and go back to being the mild mannered man you once were.

  • allie

    He’s such a tool, I highly doubt they’ve asked him to join

  • Angel 2009

    He Is Not A Star! Just a pathetic desperate famewhore and just as worthless as his ex!

  • Abbey Cords

    Jon has a high paying job in computer gaming. He has a steady girlfriend who is a single mom. He is NOT a deadbeat dad. The child support order was exessive considering Kate was making millions pimping her kids on TV and in magazines. Jon worked various jobs to pay rent while Kate stayed in their $1.8 million mansion.
    I would LOVE to see Jon on DWTS. We only voted to keep Kate on to watch her make a bigger fool of herself every week, She can’t dance. She can’t even walk backwards. She can be bipolar and bitchy.

  • Abbey Cords

    Another single/bitter ex heard from. FYI, TLC brokered the loan for that house. Without pimping her kids, Kate would still be a nurse Rachid in small town PA where a 6,000 ft. sq. house is considered a mansion. The 4 “crooked houses” were GIVEN to keep it all about me Kate for an episode of Pimp My 8.
    Who cares what houses cost in Texas you Kate wanna be?

  • lukebandit

    kate had her chance and she blew it. Jon deserves a chance to prove himself. I think he would do great and give it his all on DWTS. #JonGosselinDWTS16

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  • v blackwell

    Wow! It’s amazing how often I’m at odds with “Laundry’s” viewpoint, but at least they’re fair enough to let us disagree. I remember Jon as a hard working computer tech who got uo in the