Kate Gosselin Laughs As Ed Hardy Blames Jon Gosselin For Ruining His Brand

Kate Gosselin Laughs As Ed Hardy Blames Jon Gosselin For Ruining His Brand

In most of the country, Ed Hardy is synonymous with douche. However, the real Ed Hardy, the man behind the creation of the brand, blames Jon Gosselin and designer Christian Audigier for ruining his brand.

He claims in the NY Post, “That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin. That’s what tanked it. Macy’s used to have a huge window display with Ed Hardy, and it filtered down and that’s why Macy’s dropped the brand.” Um no buddy, the brand ‘tanked’ way before Jon Gosselin began wearing your clothes.

It’ll be interesting to see Jon’s response to this accusation, considering that he’s too broke to sue anybody over defamation and he’s been keeping a largely quiet profile over the last year or so. It’s just been announced that Robert Hoffman, the author behind the unpublished tell-all book about Kate Gosselin, is now writing a tell-all about Jon Gosselin.

In this case, Jon is most likely to stay out of this, simply because he doesn’t have the resources to say otherwise. And what about Kate Gosselin? Well, she’s more likely to tweet about this than she is anything else. She’s kept the opposite of a low profile over the last two years, and most of her public profile these days comes from her Twitter account.

The last known interaction that Kate seems to have had with Jon was suing him for back child support, and we don’t have any developments on that case yet. There’s clearly no love lost between Jon and Kate, but will Kate be ok with seeing others trash her ex-husband this way? What am I saying – she’ll probably be ecstatic that someone is doing her dirty work for her.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Kate Gosselin Laughs As Ed Hardy Blames Jon Gosselin For Ruining His Brand

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Pamela

    Lmao, this is actually hilarious.There is no way Ed Hardy will ever be cool again, even if Jon hadn’t worn it.

  • debbiehm

    She will be happy to see Jon made fun of…MOST women would shudder at someone hurting the image of THEIR childrens FATHER…Kate doesn’t care enough about her children, in my opinion, to care what happens to their father…sad….

  • Angel 2009

    Shhhhh! If you speak her name, she rears her ugly head at the prospect of publicity & relevancy!!