Kate Gosselin’s Horrible Secrets Revealed In Robert Hoffman’s New Book About Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin's Horrible Secrets Revealed In Robert Hoffman's New Book About Jon Gosselin

When Robert Hoffman, the same guy who wrote the Kate Gosselin tell-all book [that was later pulled from shelves due to Kate’s lawsuit], is now writing a similar tell-all about Jon Gosselin. But since Kate’s book never made it to shelves, what are the chances that Jon’s will?

Hoffman spoke to Radar Online, and revealed that the book about Jon is as ‘unauthorized’ as the book about Kate was. The difference is that while Kate had [and still has] the resources to sue, Jon might not be able to afford that.


When asked about the details of the content in the Jon Gosselin tell-all book, Hoffman revealed, “Same as the Kate book only about Jon, written by me. Completely unauthorized and nothing held back.”

The history behind Hoffman’s relationship with the Gosselins is very complicated, as Hoffman and Jon Gosselin were friends at one point in time. Hoffman, using his friendship with Jon, was able to get access to Kate’s private emails and her supposed journal, which provided him material for his tell-all book about Kate.

Although he was never able to let the world know all the salacious details about Kate, he clearly seems to have turned his back on Jon and is now telling the world about Jon instead. This time, there’s little chance of him getting sued since A. Jon is broke, B. He’s not stealing information about Jon [that we know of], but rather giving away first-hand details, and C. He used to be friends with Jon, so he undoubtedly has all the dish on Jon’s life.

However, with all that being said and done, it’s still a book about Jon Gosselin. He’s even less interesting than Kate Gosselin, which is already at the low barometer of interest to begin with. Would you guys spend your hard-earned money on a book about that low life when you can probably just get the best excerpts online anyway? Let us know in the comments.

Editor’s Note: Kate has been able to suppress some of the awful truth about her from being widely disseminated – she effectively used the courts and her lawyers’ tactics to censor Hoffman’s book about her – but this time it will be more difficult, this book is about Jon!  You can be sure that Hoffman’s book about Jon will mirror most of the juiciest parts of his book on Kate.

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