Kate Gosselin Tell-All Book Being Re-Released – Child Abuse Alleged!

Kate Gosselin Tell-All Book Being Re-Released – Child Abuse Alleged!

Last year Robert Hoffman decided that the entire world needed to know all of the dirty little secrets that are hidden in Kate Gosselin’s closet and so he drafted a book that didn’t see daylight. At least not for very long, but the excerpts made headlines. You remember the story about how Kate beat her kids with wooden spoons and had some serious anger issues?

Well her legal team went running to do their best to keep this stuff from landing in too many hands. Kate was able to slink off and plot her next failed career move while her fans were none the wiser about her alleged abusive behavior. Meanwhile, Robert went back to his desk and did some editing and is now ready to re-release his tell-all based on Kate. He recently told the Huffington Post,

“The book is almost finished going through the reediting process. I’m actually enjoying the fact that Kate has been staying out of the news. Perhaps it’s the calm before the storm.”

Kate has kept herself out of the spotlight for a bit but recently re-emerged and threw herself a bit of a coming out party in yet another desperate attempt to revamp who or what she might be. Kate is now a blogger for The Stir. There she’ll dish about her life raising 8 kids as a single mother. I guess perhaps they think that the same people who tuned into her original TLC reality show will want to read updates on her life. At least she will be able to use her column as a place to set things straight when the ambush of negativity begins all over again!

Do you believe that Kate is an abusive mother? No one is perfect but is she a different person off camera all together? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Kate herself has stated on numerous occasions that everything that was shown on her show was “real life” so I would say she is a total bitch and her actions prove it.

  • Yes….totally abusive…I watched the show and I saw it with my own eyes…