Kate Gosselin Can’t Wait For Her Kids To Leave Home

Kate Gosselin Can’t Wait For Her Kids To Leave Home

I guess it goes with the territory of being a single mom, and is exacerbated by the number of kids she has! We’ve been following Kate Gosselin pretty closely, and have been happy to note that she seems to be truly focused on providing her kids with a stable (read: reality TV crew free) home. Since her show ended, Kate has been focusing her energies on home repair, keeping in shape, and making sure her kids have varied activities and opportunities. All in all, she seems like a really great mom, if not a little tired.

Kate is under constant scrutiny, and we wonder if the new Kate will last long. It’s got to be exhausting playing Mama Martha Stewart seven days a week, but Kate does it with a smile and joke. That doesn’t mean the stress doesn’t get to her—we reported she may be on the verge of an identity crisis and breakdown. Kate, who just signed on with Café Mom to write a weekly blog, is nervous about her first set of twins entering their teenage years. She tweeted, “I told Mady&Cara this am that by the time they r 18 I’ll write another book&call it ‘I Just Want You To GO’ LOL I laughed so hard @ my joke!”

It would be easy to read a lot of negativity into that. For example, I could say that Kate is overworked and under-appreciated, disappointed in love, struggling to reassert herself and establish a career, and needs a mommy break. We could go so far as to say that, while she loves her kids, she thinks her 30-year-old self was crazy for having so many. Combined with other tweets and blog tidbits—forcing her kids to shovel snow, being called 73-years-old by her daughter, and being sick with no one to help her—it could seem like Kate is struggling to keep afloat and is genuinely on the verge of a full-blown crisis.

Instead, I’m going to take it at face value and assume that Kate is tired, but loves her kids, is happy in life, and keeps stress lighthearted with humor. Do you think Kate is a good mom?

Photo Credit: Brian Flannery/FlynetPictures.com

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