Kate Gosselin Claims Her Kids Are ‘Normal’ And Media Makes Up Lies About Her Life

Kate Gosselin Claims Her Kids Are 'Normal' And Media Makes Up Lies About Her Life

Kate Gosselin has had a lot to discuss with news outlets the past few weeks, all in service of her new cookbook that she’s been shilling. After speaking to Bethenny Frankel on her talk show about her finances and her relationship with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, she then spoke to Memphis Radio Station FM100 about her children and her relationship with them.

She claims that her incessant famewhoring and constant tweeting hasn’t affected the childrens’ lives at all, and neither has the fact that they were on a reality show at an age where their only concern should have been playing and having fun. She says on Memphis Radio FM100, “Certainly there’s speculation out there, the kids are damaged or whatever — blah blah blah. The truth is I live here, they live here. They’re normal kids.” The problem is – nobody is denying that they are ‘normal’ kids. What we are saying is that their lives were put in full view in front of millions of viewers and they had no choice about it. Even if they don’t understand the ramifications of that now, at such a young age, there’s no way it’s not going to affect them when they get older, go to college, and try to get jobs.

Of course, she also adds that she won’t mind if the children want to write tell-all books when they’re older, explaining, “I know everything they would write, you know? If they want to open their lives up someday, I wouldn’t count it out. If they wanted to say it, I say go for it.”

Well, that might be their only choice for income, if they don’t end up getting jobs – and with their parents continuing to famewhore themselves to the whole world, what choice would those kids have? All I see is resentment and disappointment between everybody involved in this.

What do you guys think about Kate’s comments? Let us know in the comments.

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  • aemish

    hahaha.. Bethenny had to book a Gosselin

  • Karen Bolick

    They didnt make up what a witch she was on that last few episodes…so much so that the producers just said screw this and cancelled her nasty butt….shes a fake fame whore, and no matter what type douche her husband was or is, he is the kids dad and seems to treat them with more respect than she ever has….I wish he could get custody he actually got a real job hes not doing the tv rounds whining like used up welfare trash…would love to see her be a waitress. Oh yeah you need to be NICE to get tips..guess that wont work.take your ugly manufactured look and go back to wiping sick peoples butts and cleaning up vomit Kate WE ALL HATE U

  • Angel 2009

    Too bad the “normal” kids don’t have a “normal” mother!

  • Sorry

    She is horrible!

  • dessertgirl

    For ASSAULTING ADULTS, no less.

    • debbiehm

      Yeah, you don’t have to look far to see where they learned THAT behavior! WHat a shame:(