2 responses to “Kate Gosselin Clears Up Rumors About Her Kids Having Twitter – Scared Of Backlash?”

  1. Boughtandpaidfor says:

    Well let me say this- if she could she would. Look at the influx of tweets ( bots) to her twitter – it’s is unconscionable what she has done to bring the public to see her children so she can make money thru each hit. Pimping her children? Doesn’t she get it? It’s wrong in so many ways. Call me old fashion but I wouldn’t sell my children’s privacy everyday all day

  2. SWA says:

    Mady and Cara does have a Twitter account but its protected, I pulled it up. @madyandcara Kate was lying. How could she let these girls have a Twitter account with all these dangerous people out in the world? Selling those kids for her benefit is sad. If they were 18 yrs at least then yes, they are almost teens if I could recall