Kate Gosselin Trying To Cheat Fans, Pretending She’s Broke For Sympathy

Kate Gosselin Trying To Cheat Fans, Pretending She's Broke For Sympathy

Is Kate Gosselin trying to cheat her fans? Excerpts and video clips from Kate Gosselin’s interview with Bethenny Frankel went viral, and I guess it takes one former reality star to see right through another former reality star.

Although Kate’s been pimping her cookbook and talking about herself with various high-profile national outlets, Bethenny is the first person to call her out when it comes to money talk. Kate keeps saying she’s broke, and everybody just believes her. After all, don’t most reality stars go broke eventually? I mean, look at Kate’s husband, Jon Gosselin! He didn’t even last a few years before spending all of his money on alcohol, parties, and travelling. And now, he’s stuck working as a waiter at a restaurant. However, Kate has surprisingly not done anything too crazy, probably because she still has eight kids to raise. So if that’s the case, what happened to all her money? When all Kate would admit to was a tummy tuck, Bethenny asked, “You said publicly you kind of need to support your kids. You need money to support your kids. So I think people want to know where the money went, where the money is.”

You know what Kate’s response to that was? That she had nothing to hide. You know who says they have nothing to hide? People who have something to hide. And it’s very likely Kate is one of them. We know she’s spent a ton on plastic surgery, but the amounts she made on her reality shows were almost sickening – there’s no way all of it went on plastic surgery.

After a lot of prodding from Bethenny, Kate finally admitted to ‘stashing away’ some of the money for the childrens’ college fees. Suuuuure. And it’ll all come out twenty years from now.

I’m not buying it. I think she did something with the money, and she’s hoping that she’ll get another reality show or high-profile gig in the  mean time, allowing her to make back all that money. And then, she’ll pretend she was never broke in the first place.

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  1. EmilyTrainham says:

    Does she honestly still have fans?