Kate Middleton Addresses Queen Rumors: ‘You Might Be Waiting A Long Time!’

Kate Middleton Addresses Queen Rumors: 'You Might Be Waiting A Long Time!' 0306

The Duchess of Cambridge sure was personable over there in Grimsby yesterday. I’m wondering if a little damage control was being done. From the recycled coat to slip about the baby girl, Kate Middleton got the people back on her side after a series of PR blunders including another naked/bikini scandal and a (few other) vacations with minimal work. And then she even talked about being queen one day! It’s too much. Too much Kate! You come out of hiding once in a blue moon and grant us all this? She must be taking another long break soon.

In regards to the rumors about being queen, Kate Middleton merely responded when a hospice patient told her she couldn’t wait for Kate to wear the crown. Kate laughed and said, “You might be waiting a long time!” True dat. So Prince William and Kate are banking on the fact that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles will shoulder the burden for a long while. And God knows Queen Elizabeth has probably got twenty more years left in those healthy bones. A “long time” is an understatement. I doubt we’ll have a Queen Kate until she’s in her 50s or 60s. Hopefully she’ll have developed a liking for it by then since you know crusty William probably won’t.

I hope this new openness is a calculated effort by Kate to increase her popularity. She even mentioned the royal fetus is kicking! Can you imagine the Queen saying something so personal on one of her tours? It wouldn’t happen. Many thought Kate was trying to emulate the Queen by remaining more stoic and private in public but it kind of backfired on her a bit. The Queen can be that way because she was born royal and has been in charge forever. It works for her. It only makes Kate the commoner appear uppity and above her station. It’s a tough rope to walk for the Cambridges. They have to convince everyone she’s of both worlds. The baby will definitely help with that.


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