Kate Middleton Having A Boy – New Shopping Evidence Points To A Little Prince!

Kate Middleton Having A Boy - New Shopping Evidence Points To A Little Prince! 0428

We should have guessed her shopping would give it away in the end! Back on St. Patrick’s Day while in Aldershot Kate Middleton confided to some Army wives that she purchased a new light blue Bugaboo buggy. I don’t know why it took the source so long to come forward but, if true, this is pretty good evidence that the Duchess is having herself a little prince – or that she really likes the color blue.

The strollers range around $1,000 which isn’t that bad considering the new Mercedes brand that’s out right now. Sienna Miller and Peaches Geldof are two celebrities that already have one. Bugaboo has been contacted but they said they did not send one to the palace because they were told Kate would  not accept freebies. She must have bought it herself. She and Carole Middleton have been on the hunt lately to get those important items wrapped up and firmly entrenched at the Middleton household where Kate will be spending her first month after giving birth.

So is this silly or now perfectly obvious? It’s too hard!! Why get blue unless you’re having a boy? Kate and Prince William have implied they don’t know the sex but then why wouldn’t they just get something gender neutral like green or yellow? Maybe she just really likes blue or maybe it’s wishful thinking. She’s said she’s hoping for a boy. I just don’t understand getting gender-specific things for general items like strollers or bouncy chairs, etc. What if the next kid is a girl? Will you buy a pink stroller then? It seems like a waste but perhaps I’m over-thinking this whole thing anyway!

What do you make of my Kate Middleton/baby boy assumption? Did she give us another hint or does she just like the stroller? We shouldn’t be too hasty! You remember the last time we all thought we knew what she was having?


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