Kate Middleton Leaving Prince William To Live With Parents After Baby Born – Queen Elizabeth Furious?

As we all know, The Middleton Family love nothing more than to exploit an opportunity. Now they’re going to have six weeks of opportunities. Why? Apparently Kate Middleton is moving back in with her parents.  What will Queen Elizabeth think?

No worries, there isn’t going to be another royal divorce but there will be a separation. Prince William’s RAF duties are going to be keeping him in Wales after the baby is born. So without her husband to help support her, Kate is going to be moving in with her mother, Carole Middleton, for a little while.  Diana didn’t do this, I would be surprised that was ever even an option for the late princess and yet Kate gets to do whatever she wants.

Well as long as her and hubby manage to find a good excuse. When they missed Christmas at Sandringham, it was because Kate was still stick. No one really bought it. Now what’s their excuse?

It appears that their new home at Kensington Palace has asbestos. Their people are circulating that the asbestos won’t be cleared until at least September. Well I’m putting in my own two cents and after watching Love it or List it; I will say that their asbestos removal should not take 5 months. So I have to call Bull.

If she had used the excuse of not having a suitable nanny or a baby nurse, then I would have understood. However we’re all getting used to the crappy excuses the royal couple has been trying to push since the beginning of the pregnancy. What is ticking people off this time is Kate’s family. No one likes them and now the UK’s most overbearing mother has built a nursery in the new family home.

How is Carole a good influence? Her son, James Middleton, keeps running to his parents to pay of his debts. Both of her daughters have been notorious social climbers who have done nothing significant other than chasing influential men. Hell, look at Kate. She’s never held down a real job and after being given one by being a royal she still manages to fall short.

This is what Carole raised. Her children’s main triumph was Kate’s marriage. If she gets her hands on this kid, he or she will be pretentious, entitled, and a lazy little brat. Oh wait, the kid would be taking after their dad then. Hmm… guess no one should be expecting a little Diana or even another Harry.

Our sympathies here at Celeb Dirty Laundry go out to her majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Kate Middleton Leaving Prince William To Live With Parents After Baby Born - Queen Elizabeth Furious?

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