Kate Middleton Refused Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Because of Camilla Parker-Bowles

Kate Middleton Refused Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Because of Camilla Parker-Bowles

There are so many jokes about women having the proverbial evil mother-in-law but I’m starting to really think that Kate Middleton scraped the bottom of the barrel and found Camilla Parker-Bowles waiting for her.  St. James Palace issued a statement two weeks ago that Kate and Prince William had decided to spend Christmas with her family rather than celebrate it in royal fashion and that Queen Elizabeth approved of this breech of protocol. At first it didn’t seem like a huge day. It seemed entirely possible that they had agreed to alternate holidays between families, or something like that. Very gracious of the Queen to approve of the young couple’s absence but we know she wanted her favorite grandson by her side along with Kate who is carrying the heir to the throne.

Apparently it was good old Camilla that sent the couple running in the opposite direction. You know as well as I do that Camilla loathes her daughter-in-law. Maybe it’s because Kate is naturally stunning, has a great sense of style and is adored by the British people. Or maybe it’s because Kate can exercise self-control and doesn’t look like she’ll be needing rehab in a far-away country – at least not in the next five years. I’m betting Camilla hates her because the baby that Kate is carrying will likely ensure that William will pass out his father, Prince Charles on his way to becoming king. It could be all of those reasons and more, but according to GLOBE, Camilla took some really low shots at Kate and they are precisely the reason why the duchess insisted on spending Christmas with the Middleton clan.

Camilla was jealous of the attention that Kate’s hospitalization got and told her, “You’re milking this just to be the center of attention. It’s not all about you and your difficult pregnancy.” She went on to refer to Kate as “sickly and weak”. According to GLOBE neither Kate nor William appreciated Camilla’s comments and opted to avoid any further interaction with the Duchess of Cornwall.

Are you surprised to learn that it was Camilla’s continued nastiness that kept Kate and William from Christmas dinner with the rest of the royal family? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Cynthia

    Camilla should know that Kate doesn’t have any control over what the press write about her. Milking it? Kate was in the hospital, that’s simply a fact. I can’t see anything Kate did wrong.

  • scp1957

    Camilla seems proof that the outside doesn’t always lie.

  • Camilla has a very warm relationship with her husband’s children as both William and Harry have said publicly. This kind of “reporting” has no basis in fact, as further proven by the assertion that The Queen can choose to skip over Prince Charles. The Queen has no more power to choose her successor than President has to choose his.

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  • Neither Camilla nor Kate deserve to be in the royal family. both of them wangled and manipulated their way there and not likely out of genuine love but merely out of greed.