Prince Charles Forces Camilla Parker-Bowles To Alcohol Detox To Sober Up!

Prince Charles Forces Camilla Parker-Bowles To Alcohol Detox To Sober Up!

Prince Charles has ordered Camilla Parker-Bowles to sober up in an Indian detox center!  In a shocking turn of events reported here at Celeb Dirty Laundry, GLOBE has discovered that Queen Elizabeth has promised the British Crown to Prince William, reneging on her promise to Charles that he would succeed her as Monarch.  This has put Charles into a royal panic and rather than accept the blame himself he considers his nasty drunken wife, Camilla, responsible for his mom’s change of heart.

The one condition the Queen has insisted upon, if she is to replace Charles with his son, is that Kate Middleton become pregnant and produce a heir.  If The Duchess of Cambridge has a baby with Prince William then Charles and Camilla are out and William and Kate are in. Queen Elizabeth is deathly ill with heart disease and she wants to secure the future of the British Monarchy by leaving capable Prince William in charge with Kate already a mother.  This way she knows the royal lineage will be secured for generations to come.

The Queen despises and distrusts Camilla for two good reasons: 1) Camilla engaged in a sordid adulterous affair with Charles while he was married to Princess Diana, the popular mother of Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry.  And here’s a little fun fact for you – Prince Harry is very possibly NOT Prince Charles’ son at all!  While Charles was cheating on Di with Camilla, Di was cheating on Charles with James Hewitt.  In fact after Harry’s naked scandal in Las Vegas Elizabeth insisted he take a DNA test.  She simply could not believe that a true full-blooded royal would allow himself to get photographed naked playing strip billiards with prostitutes while drunk.  And you wonder why the Queen has a heart condition?


2) Camilla has waged a (losing) battle against the popular favorite royal, Kate – she has used every opportunity to shame Kate and was unrelenting in her attempt to discredit the beauty after her bikini honeymoon photo scandal and her topless and bottomless nude sunbathing outrage.  Royals are supposed to stick together and present a common front when trouble arises, as it seems to rather frequently, but Camilla’s betrayal of Kate makes Elizabeth question her fitness to occupy the throne with Charles.

So it was not a great surprise when GLOBE revealed that Camilla was sent to detox before her drunken hysteria could further damage Charles’ prospects of convincing mom to let him be King.

In the current November 19 issue GLOBE has the report – Camilla Shipped Off To Detox.  Furious Prince Charles shipped boozing Camilla off to an exotic $5000 a night detox clinic in a desperate bid to wrestle back the throne from his son Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate. Charles was stunned when his dying mother, Queen Elizabeth told him she’d changed her mind again about who will succeed her and has promised the throne to Williams if he and Kate had a baby.

“Charles was a total fury when he turned on Camilla and told her to sober up and get into detox immediately,” says an insider “he bellowed that she was costing him the crown-and ordered her to clean up her act!”

Under the guise of giving the Duchess of Cornwall, 65, a week of rest and relaxation ahead of the overseas tour, Camilla was sent to the prestigious Sukiyaki International Holistic Health Center in Bangalore, India. “Officially she was there for a week of yoga sessions, meditation, massage with medicated oils, vegetarian foods and spiritual healing, but the truth is Camilla was being locked away to detox,” says an insider.  Sources say Camilla arrived secretly registering under the pseudonym of Audrey Parker with a group of 10 friends and government minders who monitored her every move.

Charles packed her off the same suite to dry out in October 2010 after Camilla threatened him with a $500 million divorce and spread vicious rumors her husband was having a gay affair. “This time there is more than divorce at stake,” a palace source tells GLOBE. “They’re battling for the throne itself.”

“In Camilla’s booze muddled state, there’s no way Charles could ever persuade his mother to have second thoughts.”

“Despite her lifelong ambition to be the next Queen, Camilla’s behavior has become a huge embarrassment,” said the source. “Her constant plotting to destroy Kate has turned the Royals against her – and the Queen has decided Camilla is never to be allowed near the throne.”

GLOBE has lots more detail on how Camilla is destroying her husband’s chances of becoming King in this week’s print edition on newsstands right now.  It is a sorry state of affairs when Camilla can’t stay sober long enough to help Charles convince his mom to allow him to enjoy what should be his birthright.  Maybe Charles should have thought twice before he betrayed his first wife for the allure of Camilla the siren.

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  • Polly Filla

    What a load of gash.

  • Frances Williams

    Prince Charles did a great deal to harm people’s trust in him himself, with the aid cpb who schemed and plotted to betray Diana. Palace aids and officials do not lie about some incidents they witnessed. Charles was not strong enough to protect his wife and mother of his children and allowed this woman to manipulate him. How could he possibly head up the country when his choices have been so poor. As for the taped phone calls and him wanting to be a tampon…. good ambition for a monarch, not.

    Against so many thousands he still married the awful woman. let him be content with that. Thousands don’t want her… I am just one who would be happy for her to disappear very quickly and completely. She is a danger to younger Royals as well as the Queen. Why would she brandish a gun in front of Kate ? we would be very foolish indeed not to heed the warnings. I truly hope that Prince William and Prince Harry use their military training when it comes to Kate, George and Queen Elizabeth

  • Pepertua Chakezha

    Prince Charles has worked for this monarchy for a long time and deserves to be king. I feel sorry for the guy. Please do not rob him his turn to rule England. I want to see him become King and I think no one deserves it like him at the moment. His mother should give him the chance now and step down.

  • Blue Peas

    Harry looks dead on his paternal grandfather, especially when the duke was in his 20’s ..omg. They have the same smile.